Updates: February 2014

A Nobel laureate's formula for the universe

26 Feb 2014 — Watch François Englert explain the equations for the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism that gives particles mass, with the help of a blackboard

Test Storage Ring could find new life at ISOLDE

25 Feb 2014 — A particle accelerator from Heidelberg, Germany – the Test Storage Ring - may not be going into storage after all

CERN History: Giant magnets come to CERN in the 1950s

24 Feb 2014 — In CERN's 60th year, we look back at some of its historic moments. Here magnet coils for the Synchrocyclotron make their journey to Geneva in 1955

Taking biomedical research at CERN to the next level

20 Feb 2014 — The head of CERN's Medical Application Programme addresses a medical conference 60 years after the first use of protons to treat cancer

CERN takes 60th anniversary celebrations to member states

14 Feb 2014 — To celebrate the Organization's 60th anniversary, a variety of events are planned in members states – learn more on the cern60 website

Some CLIC with your free-electron laser?

14 Feb 2014 — The CLIC study could transfer its X-band expertise to light sources and medical applications

In pictures: Access to the last LHC splice

11 Feb 2014 — A team composed of CERN staff, industrial support and mechanics from Pakistan have given access to the last LHC splice for inspection

Physics meets medicine at ICTR-PHE conference

10 Feb 2014 — From 10 to 14 February in Geneva, physicists, medical doctors and life-science experts will discuss innovative techniques in the fight against cancer

SESAME breathes new life into LEP cavities

5 Feb 2014 — Radiofrequency cavities built for the Large Electron Positron Collider are finding use on the SESAME project

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