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Ubuntu* - a powerful motto for an important experiment

24 Jul 2017 — The first African-led experiment has taken place at CERN

HIE-ISOLDE: Nuclear physics gets further energy boost

17 Jul 2017 — After installing the third of four cryomodules, the HIE-ISOLDE facility began its 2017 physics run expecting great results

The accelerators awaken

13 Apr 2017 — The accelerator chain and the experiments that it serves are gradually awakening after the extended year-end technical stop (EYETS)

Retired MRI scanner gets new life studying the stars

4 Apr 2017 — Magnet from re-commissioned Australian MRI scanner used to help scientists understand star explosions

First physics experiment at HIE-ISOLDE begins

9 Sep 2016 — Installation of the second cryomodule at HIE-ISOLDE means unique, upgraded machine is now ready to take physics measurements at higher energies

Has the magic gone from Calcium-52?

9 Feb 2016 — CERN Researchers at ISOLDE facility show the supposedly doubly-magic nucleus 52Ca has an unexpectedly large charge radius

Meet the CERN robots

17 Dec 2015 — From retrieving data tapes to handling material safely, the robots at CERN fulfill numerous tasks

Upgraded nuclear physics facility starts up

16 Nov 2015 — The new HIE-ISOLDE accelerator is up and running, increasing the beam energy of ISOLDE, CERN’s nuclear physics facility

WITCH hunt nearing end at CERN

30 Oct 2015 — For Halloween meet CERN’s very own WITCH experiment at ISOLDE, as it nears the end of its data analysis

A milestone towards a higher-energy nuclear physics facility

4 May 2015 — The first acceleration module of HIE-ISOLDE has been installed. The new accelerator will increase the energy of CERN’s nuclear physics facility

ISOLDE back on target after shutdown

1 Aug 2014 — Today the ISOLDE installation restarted its physics programme with beams from the Proton Synchrotron Booster

ISOLDE sheds light on dying stars

3 Apr 2014 — An experiment conducted at CERN's ISOLDE facility may help scientists better to understand the collapse of massive stars

Test Storage Ring could find new life at ISOLDE

25 Feb 2014 — A particle accelerator from Heidelberg, Germany – the Test Storage Ring - may not be going into storage after all

CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus

19 Jun 2013 — The ISOLTRAP collaboration has measured the mass of exotic calcium nuclei using a new instrument installed at the ISOLDE facility at CERN

A fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth

14 May 2013 — An international team of physicists at ISOLDE have for the first time measured the ionization potential of the rare radioactive element astatine

First observations of short-lived pear-shaped atomic nuclei

8 May 2013 — An international team at the ISOLDE radioactive-beam facility at CERN has shown that some atomic nuclei can assume asymmetric, "pear" shapes

ISOLDE to produce isotopes for medical research

6 Apr 2012 — The CERN-MEDICIS project will use waste beams from ISOLDE to produce isotopes that could help in the war on cancer

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