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First year of data taking at high energy for MoEDAL

4 Feb 2016 — In this week's Bulletin find out the MoEDAL’s physics programme

Also in Issue No. 05-06/2016 of the CERN Bulletin: Word from the Director-General; YETS (year-end technical stop) reportChamonix 2016 reportCERN and the environment and much more.

Director General attends WEF annual meeting in Davos

28 Jan 2016 — CERN’s Director General contributes to debate on open science at annual gathering of political and business leaders

Sustainable development

19 Jan 2016 — In this week's Bulletin find out about the important changes for CERN personnel following the five-year review of employment conditions

Also in Issue No. 03-04/2016 of the CERN Bulletin: Word from the Director-General; YETS (year-end technical stop) report; Microcosm: the story of CERN; Artistic transparency and much more.

CERN DG meets locals and internationals in New Year ceremony

15 Jan 2016 — Representatives of CERN’s local communities and international Geneva came together in Microcosm on Thursday evening for a traditional annual event

New year message from the Director-General

4 Jan 2016 — Fabiola Gianotti greets CERN personnel and invites them to a general meeting on Monday 18 January

Picking up good vibrations

15 Dec 2015 — In this week's Bulletin find out how vibration measurements in preparation for High-Luminosity LHC are going

Also in Issue No. 51-52/2015 of the CERN Bulletin: Word from the DG; LHC report: Serving a hot dense soup for ChristmasHow CERN promotes innovation and entrepreneurship; CBI students: Target hit, and much more.

What's on today at CERN

Technical Coordination Meeting #1

WP11 Technical Coordination Meetings, 10.30 — 180/1-N51

Current status of AdS instability

TH Theoretical Seminar, 14.00TH Conference Room

Remarks on the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting 2015

ISOLDE Seminar, 14.30 — 26 1 022

ATLAS Tutorial Session for students of CSUNUPAC

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 15.00

CERN People events

New results on the Search for Gravitational Waves

CERN Colloquium, 11 Feb 2016 — CERN

Martin Perl Symposium

Commemorations, 13 Feb 2016 — SLAC

Sound for Health

Medical Applications Seminars, 16 Feb 2016 — CICG

125th LHCC Meeting - Agenda OPEN Session

LHCC - Open Sessions, 3 Mar 2016 — CERN

From the CERN community

Sowing the seeds of trust… continued

Are you able to assign tasks to your staff and then let them get on with them… or do you tend to hover over them to check on their progress? Observing and controlling supervisees too closely can be counterproductive, as it is often perceived as micromanagement and results in stifling employee...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 3 Feb 2016

Sowing the seeds of trust…

As a boss, do you unconditionally stand by your line management when they are involved in potential conflicts with their supervisees or do you take a stand and look into the issue yourself?   Marc goes to see Anna, his Group Leader, because he feels his team is being treated unfairly by his direct...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 19 Jan 2016

Updates from CERN clubs

4 Feb 2016 – New German Cinema

31 Jan 2016 – Ballroom Dancing Party at the CERN Dancing Club

28 Jan 2016 – New German Cinema