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Bernd Dehning (1957 – 2017)

17 Feb 2017 — We deeply regret to announce the death of Bernd Dehning on 14 January 2017

Reaching out: IPPOG’s new status to push physics outreach

16 Feb 2017 — International Particle Physics Outreach Group given new status to encourage members and global outreach effort

Using a crystal to extract beam?

15 Feb 2017 — A new slow-extraction technique using a silicon crystal aims to reduce beam losses by a factor of four

Success is a two-way street

15 Feb 2017 — CERN's director for research and computing gives an overview about the CERN Neutrino platform activities

EYETS report: painstaking work on the detectors

15 Feb 2017 — On the experiments’ side, the extended year-end technical stop is a precious opportunity to carry out repairs and maintenance works on their detectors

How does CERN encourage women in science?

14 Feb 2017 — International Women in Science Day: CERN sends researchers to local schools and invites organisations to learn what inspires young women into science

Join us for a Voxxed Day

14 Feb 2017 — The local community are hosting a Voxxed Day event at CERN in February

Ombuds' corner

Do we not owe it to our daughters?

The “Gender in Physics” conference hosted by CERN last week showed that our Organization has been at the forefront of the drive towards gender equality in science over the last 20 years, with the launch of its Equal Opportunities Programme in 1996 leading the way. With women representing around 18...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 14 Feb 2017

Updates from the clubs

Salsa, Kizomba, Bachata Workshop

CERN Dancing Club, 4 Mar 2017 — 566

Milonga at the CERN Dancing Club

CERN Dancing Club, 10 Mar 2017 to 11 Mar 2017 — 566

Rock / West-Coast Swing Workshop

CERN Dancing Club, 18 Mar 2017 — CERN, 566

What's on today at CERN

There are no featured events today for CERN people. For other events at CERN, see the events page for scientists.

CERN People events


Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 14 Mar 2017 — CERN, Main Auditorium

Beyond the Podium - Science Communication Workshop

ATLAS Outreach Public Workshops & Events, 14 Mar 2017 — CERN, 3162-1-K01


Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 15 Mar 2017 — CERN, Main Auditorium

Upcoming training courses

Self-Rescue Mask - Initial (fr)

Safety Training - 4 available places

27 Feb 2017

Self-Rescue Mask - Refresher (fr)

Safety Training - 2 available places

28 Feb 2017

Radiation Protection - Controlled Area (fr)

Safety Training - 5 available places

2 Mar 2017

Self-Rescue Mask - Refresher (en)

Safety Training - 3 available places

2 Mar 2017

CMS - Technical Shifter (en)

Safety Training - 1 available places

3 Mar 2017