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A feast of physics at the winter conferences

28 Mar 2017 — A first glimpse at the winter conferences of what the LHC’s extraordinary performance in 2016 means for physics

First tests of crab cavities promise a luminous future

28 Mar 2017 — The crab cavities, a key component for the HL-LHC luminosity increase, show remarkable first test results

Help us build a better CERN website

28 Mar 2017 — Take a short survey to help us to improve CERN’s home website

EYETS report: a cool preparation for the LHC

27 Mar 2017 — The re-filling of the arcs with liquid helium started last week, and the LHC is gradually being prepared for electrical tests at the end of the month

CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship, for those who take a leap

25 Mar 2017 — Are you interested in entrepreneurship? CERN is an ideal place to explore and nurture new business ideas

Hidden Figures into the light

22 Mar 2017 — At a time when Hollywood rarely praises female scientists as heroes, an unusual film was released: Hidden Figures

CMS pixel tracker transplant: everything went well so far

13 Mar 2017 — At the beginning of March, the CMS collaboration installed an important part of its detector: its second-generation Pixel Tracker

Ombuds' corner

Watch out for those warning signals!

Have you ever found yourself listening to someone and, although all the words make absolute sense, you have the feeling that something is not quite the way it sounds? Without being able to put your finger on exactly what is causing the doubt, you start to question their motives in your mind, and...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 23 Mar 2017

Updates from the clubs

CERN CineClub - Women Without Men

Cineclub, 30 Mar 2017 — CERN, Council Chamber

Ballroom Dancing Workshop

CERN Dancing Club, 1 Apr 2017 — 566

CO populaire LD - Pougny/Challex (F)

Orienteering Club/ Club d'Orientation, 1 Apr 2017

CERN CineClub - Russian Ark

Cineclub, 5 Apr 2017 — CERN, Council Chamber

Salsa Dancing Party

CERN Dancing Club, 7 Apr 2017 to 8 Apr 2017 — 566

Taekwondo Stage with the master Philippe Montosi

Taekwondo Section, 8 Apr 2017 to 9 Apr 2017 — CERN, Salle polyvalente PUMP HALL

CO populaire LD - Ballens (VD) - COLJ

Orienteering Club/ Club d'Orientation, 8 Apr 2017

What's on today at CERN

There are no featured events today for CERN people. For other events at CERN, see the events page for scientists.

CERN People events

Humanitarian Foresight & Futures Co-creation

Workshops, 4 Apr 2017 — CERN, Ideasquare

Workshop in Design Thinking based on the theme: Cern Souvenirs

Hackathons, 5 Apr 2017 to 31 May 2017 — CERN, 3179

Presentation by Artist Cassandre Poirier-Simon

Arts and Science, 6 Apr 2017 — CERN Library

Machine Learning

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 26 Apr 2017 — CERN, Filtration Plant

Upcoming training courses

Cryogenic Safety - Fundamentals (fr)

Safety Training - 9 available places

29 Mar 2017

Radiation Protection - Controlled Area (en)

Safety Training - 5 available places

29 Mar 2017

Laser - User (fr)

Safety Training - 3 available places

30 Mar 2017

First Aider - Level 1 - Initial (fr)

Safety Training - 1 available places

30 Mar 2017

CMS - Technical Shifter (en)

Safety Training - 5 available places

31 Mar 2017