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ATLAS and CMS physicists awarded 2017 Panofsky Prize

27 Oct 2016 — Michel Della Negra, Peter Jenni and Tejinder Virdee, former spokespersons of ATLAS and CMS, will be presented with the 2017 W.K.H. Panofsky Prize

ATLAS awards outstanding achievement from Run 2

27 Oct 2016 — The awards recognise excellent contributions made to the ATLAS collaboration, with an emphasis on activities carried out in the first year of Run 2

Computer Security: Do we need more software liability?

25 Oct 2016 — How to make any software that you deploy or develop more secure

ICARUS cryostat and detector finally reunited

24 Oct 2016 — The ICARUS detector will be soon inserted into its own cryostat and shipped to Chicago

CERN technical students win NASA competition award

20 Oct 2016 — Technical students developed ambitious probe project at CERN Idea Square to take part in NASA competition

CERN Launches Open Journal of Experimental Innovation – CIJ

19 Oct 2016 — CERN’s IdeaSquare is launching a new on-line journal called CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation or CIJ

UNOSAT: 15 years of humanitarian mapping

17 Oct 2016 — UNOSAT, UNITAR’s operational satellite applications programme, based at CERN, celebrates 15 years of supporting humanitarian work

From the CERN community

The Ombud’s clock ticks on…

Confidentiality, impartiality, informality and independence: these are the guiding principles of the Ombud role. However, in order to have the best possible chances of a positive outcome, another important ingredient is needed: early action. Do not wait until a situation has deteriorated so far...

Ombuds by Sudeshna Datta Cockerill, 17 Oct 2016

Updates from the clubs

27 Oct 2016 – Kieslowski's Dekalog

23 Oct 2016 – Bulgarian Cinema

17 Oct 2016 – Halloween Party at the CERN Dancing Club

17 Oct 2016 – Ballroom Dancing Workshop at the CERN Dancing Club

17 Oct 2016 – Bulgarian Cinema

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CMS Create #2

Hackathons, 14.303179-R-E06

Bulgarian School Video Conference

Science and Society, 13.3033-R-016

History of the Night

Academic Training Lecture Regular Programme, 14.00Council Chamber

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