Driving in France - New air quality certificate (“CRIT’Air” sticker)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development has informed CERN that:

  • as of 16 January 2017, only vehicles displaying an air quality certificate (CQA or “CRIT’Air” sticker) identifying them as being electric or in environmental classes 1 to 5 may be driven in Paris;
  • vehicles certified as being in class 5 should no longer be permitted in the city of Paris from July 2017;
  • a CQA will also be required when traffic restrictions are put in place at times of particularly high air pollution, replacing the system of prohibiting cars with odd or even number plates on alternate days.

The CRIT’Air sticker, which is issued according to the vehicle’s environmental classification (cf. http://www.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/certificats-qualite-lair-critair#e1), must be ordered online at www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/demande. It will then be sent to the address shown on the vehicle’s registration certificate (carte grise) and must be affixed to the vehicle in such a way as to be fully visible from the outside.

Air quality certification also applies to vehicles registered in a special series in France (i.e. those with “green plates”). However, it is not currently possible to apply for a sticker for these vehicles using the online form. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development will provide more details soon.

The sous-préfecture of Gex has confirmed that the measures mentioned above also apply to vehicles registered abroad, including those registered in the European Union, Switzerland and Norway (please refer to the relevant procedure at the web address given above).


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