Updates for CERN people

Webcast: CERN DG joins Davos panel

17 Jan 2017 — Watch the live webcast of Fabiola Gianotti’s appearance on the Global Science Outlook panel on 20 January 2017

Staying in touch? Giving back? Reaching out? This is for you

17 Jan 2017 — The CERN experience means so much more than the time spent in the Organization. The new Alumni programme provide a life-long connection with CERN

Big bangs: STOMP at CERN

13 Jan 2017 — Hear what happened when percussion group STOMP visited CERN and created more than a few big bangs

Non-stop activity at the CERN Neutrino Platform

13 Jan 2017 — In the brand-new extension of the North Area (EHN1), two large prototype detectors destined for the study of neutrinos are being built

CERN donates computing equipment to Ecuador

13 Jan 2017 — On 19 December 2016 a ceremony at CERN marked the tenth donation of computing equipment to an academic institution

New internal purchase requests and activity codes

12 Jan 2017 — The internal purchase request (DAI) form and the activity codes have had a makeover to meet CERN’s needs more effectively

Computer Security: about security incidents & issues

10 Jan 2017 — To learn more about computer security incidents and issues at CERN

The accelerator under the Louvre

6 Jan 2017 — Discover how the accelerator technology is used to study art and archaeological artefacts

Twenty-five years of service at CERN

21 Dec 2016 — Eighteen staff members reached 25 years of service at CERN in 2016

ALPHA team celebrate antimatter light spectrum result

20 Dec 2016 — The ALPHA collaboration celebrate this week after twenty years of work resulted in them seeing, for the first time, antimatter's light spectrum

CERN’s Procurement and Industrial Services Group Honoured

16 Dec 2016 — The CERN Procurement and Industrial Services group has been awarded the EIPM - Peter Kraljic Award for Innovation and Process Excellence

CERN IT department wins EMEA award

14 Dec 2016 — The award was presented for an Open Compute Project investigation into whether or not it could be sent out for public procurement

Reinforcing cooperation between the emergency services

13 Dec 2016 — A tripartite agreement between CERN, France and Switzerland reinforces cooperation between their respective emergency services

LHC Report: far beyond expectations

13 Dec 2016 — As the 2016 LHC run ends, the machine has transcended the dreams of its designers

We want your old tapes!

13 Dec 2016 — Don’t let CERN’s memory be erased! Bring us your magnetic tapes on the life of the Laboratory to have them digitised

Rolf Heuer awarded prestigious French honour

13 Dec 2016 — Rolf Heuer has been appointed Chevalier de la Légion d'honneur (Knight of the Legion of Honour)

Crystal Clear celebrates 25 years

12 Dec 2016 — Crystal Clear was founded in 1991 to provide crystal detectors for particle physics – it has since had a wider impact on society

Computer Security: a few Christmas goodies for your security

12 Dec 2016 — The IT department put under the Christmas tree a wide range of tools which likely improve the security of your data

New arrivals - December 2016

12 Dec 2016 — On Monday 5 December 2016, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme

PACMAN and CERN meet the HES-SO

12 Dec 2016 — The students of the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland assisted a CERN outreach event organized by PACMAN

The 4th ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Career Networking Event

9 Dec 2016 — The “ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb Career Networking Event” provided early career researchers with an insight into career opportunities outside academia

Collaboration agreement between CERN and the École des Mines

9 Dec 2016 — CERN, the École des Mines and ARMINES will work together in various fields of applied research

CMS Create #2: Big ideas to boost CMS exhibition

8 Dec 2016 — After a gruelling two-day workshop, the winning prototype from the CMS Create #2 competition has been chosen

A new ring to slow down antimatter

29 Nov 2016 — The commissioning of ELENA, a new antiproton deceleration ring, has begun

LHC Report: the role of the injectors

29 Nov 2016 — How the injector chain has contributed to increase the luminosity of the proton-lead ion run

How the LHC could help us peek inside the human brain

29 Nov 2016 — Superconducting technology developed for the HL-LHC and FCC could improve our understanding of the human brain

NA64 hunts the mysterious dark photon

25 Nov 2016 — NA64 is a new experiment at CERN searching for a particle called the dark photon, which might act as a bridge to the universe’s invisible, dark sector

President of the Republic of Poland visits CERN

25 Nov 2016 — On 15 November 2016 CERN welcomed Andrzej Duda, President of the Republic of Poland

Computer Security: DirtyCow BBQ - Well done, CERN!

23 Nov 2016 — On Friday, 21 October 2016, CERN's teams had to secure their Linux systems against a new and highly critical vulnerability dubbed “DirtyCow”

Linac 4 reached its energy goal

14 Nov 2016 — After having accelerated a beam up to the design energy of 160 MeV, Linac 4 is now entering a new phase of its commissioning


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