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First tests of crab cavities promise a luminous future

29 Mar 2017 — The crab cavities, a key component for the HL-LHC luminosity increase, show remarkable first test results

EYETS report: a cool preparation for the LHC

28 Mar 2017 — The re-filling of the arcs with liquid helium started last week, and the LHC is gradually being prepared for electrical tests at the end of the month

Help us build a better CERN website

28 Mar 2017 — Take a short survey to help us to improve CERN’s home website

Computer Security: Stepping Up in User Education

28 Mar 2017 — We would now like to step up a level and introduce haptic feedback for unsecure user actions

New arrivals - March 2017

27 Mar 2017 — On Tuesday 21 March 2017, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme

CERN: ideal for entrepreneurship, for those who take a leap

25 Mar 2017 — Are you interested in entrepreneurship? CERN is an ideal place to explore and nurture new business ideas

Hidden Figures into the light

22 Mar 2017 — At a time when Hollywood rarely praises female scientists as heroes, an unusual film was released: Hidden Figures

CMS pixel tracker transplant: everything went well so far

13 Mar 2017 — At the beginning of March, the CMS collaboration installed an important part of its detector: its second-generation Pixel Tracker

EYETS Report: 2017, a busy year ahead for the accelerators

13 Mar 2017 — As part of the EYETS activities, the Linac3 ion source was converted to a xenon ion source

Paving the way for a new antimatter experiment

13 Mar 2017 — The GBAR experiment will create antihydrogen ions at rest to study the action of gravity upon antimatter

New Management at the ATLAS Experiment

13 Mar 2017 — Dave Charlton passes the baton to new ATLAS Spokesperson Karl Jakobs

Chamonix event prepares for LHC’s future

13 Mar 2017 — A review of LHC operation and system performance at the annual LHC performance workshop in Chamonix, France

THE Port powers the Science Hackathon at IdeaSquare

13 Mar 2017 — Papers were drafted and partnerships forged at the 2017 Science Hackathon—powered by THE Port

Computer Security: Music, Videos and the Risk for CERN

13 Mar 2017 — If you want to listen to music or watch movies at CERN, make sure that you own the proper rights to do so

Devoxx4Kids, a conference for budding geeks

10 Mar 2017 — On 26 February, CERN hosted Devoxxkids, a series of computing, robotics and electronics workshops for kids in the Globe and in the IdeaSqure

Open-heart surgery for CMS

28 Feb 2017 — The CMS detector’s tracking system, which determines the trajectories of charged particles, is being replaced this week at Point 5

A new tool to evaluate complex tech systems’ efficiency

27 Feb 2017 — CERN and a Finnish high-tech company will develop a tool to assess the effectiveness and reliability of a complex system such as the LHC

Colliding ideas over lunch

27 Feb 2017 — Lunchtime has never been more exciting: make new friends and spark new projects

Reaching out: IPPOG’s new status to push physics outreach

26 Feb 2017 — International Particle Physics Outreach Group given new status to encourage members and global outreach effort

Computer Security: Offensive Public Browsing

25 Feb 2017 — If you happen to use one of CERN’s public PCs, please stick to the rules

Using a crystal to extract beam?

15 Feb 2017 — A new slow-extraction technique using a silicon crystal aims to reduce beam losses by a factor of four

EYETS report: painstaking work on the detectors

15 Feb 2017 — On the experiments’ side, the extended year-end technical stop is a precious opportunity to carry out repairs and maintenance works on their detectors

How does CERN encourage women in science?

14 Feb 2017 — International Women in Science Day: CERN sends researchers to local schools and invites organisations to learn what inspires young women into science

Join us for a Voxxed Day

14 Feb 2017 — The local community are hosting a Voxxed Day event at CERN in February

Thursday, 2 March: premiere of Hidden Figures and debate

14 Feb 2017 — Pathé Balexert and CERN are organising a premiere of Hidden Figures followed by a debate on the theme “Women, science and diversity”

Computer Security: protect your click

13 Feb 2017 — Malicious PDFs, links or URLs embedded in websites can take advantage of the inherent vulnerabilities in your operating system

Congratulations to the 2016 apprentices

13 Feb 2017 — Five technical apprentices left CERN in 2016 after obtaining their "certificat fédéral de capacité"

Roberto Saban honoured with the Order of Merit of Italy

9 Feb 2017 — On 19 January, Roberto Saban was named a Commander of the Italian Republic

EYETS report: so far, so good

31 Jan 2017 — The 2016 – 2017 extended year-end technical stop features powering tests, magnet exchange, dump replacement, emptying the LHC of helium, and lifts!

CERN & Society Foundation in Ghana

31 Jan 2017 — CERN & Society discusses its new Digital Library workshop in Ghana following a computer server donation in 2012


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