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Once upon a time, there was a superconducting niobium-tin...

25 Jul 2016 — The production of the new niobium-tin cables for the high-performance superconducting magnets of the HL-LHC is now in full swing at CERN.

LHC Report: imaginative injectors

25 Jul 2016 — A new bunch injection scheme from the PS to the SPS allowed the LHC to achieve a new peak luminosity record

Voices of Romanian scientists

25 Jul 2016 — As Romania has now become a Member State of CERN, Romanian scientists share their thoughts about this new era of partnership for their community.

Fighting fires... with science

25 Jul 2016 — CERN firefighters are working with a research centre in the United States to develop more effective firefighting techniques

Muse at CERN

25 Jul 2016 — On 19 July, the world-famous, English rock band, Muse, visited CERN before taking centre-stage at Nyon’s Paléo Festival

Spaceflight participant visits CERN!

25 Jul 2016 — On 15 July, CERN welcomed spaceflight participant Anousheh Ansari

Computer Security: WWW censorship? Not at CERN

22 Jul 2016 — “How dare we censor Internet access?” Let us clarify this.

EUCYS prizewinner visits CERN

22 Jul 2016 — Young Turkish student Baris Volkan Gürses visited CERN from 4 to 8 July after winning the prize in the 2015 European Contest for Young Scientists

The hundredth Gentner Doctoral Student has started at CERN

22 Jul 2016 — Almost ten years after the start of the programme in 2007, the hundredth Gentner Doctoral Student started his PhD at CERN

EIROforum goes to ESOF 2016

21 Jul 2016 — CERN and its partners from the EIROforum network participate in the EuroScience Open Forum, Europe’s largest public-facing scientific event

The CERN & Society programme launches its newsletter

21 Jul 2016 — The newsletter will be issued quarterly. Sign up to remain informed about the latest initiatives of the CERN & Society programme!

Bike2Work 2016 is over – keep on pedalling!

14 Jul 2016 — Some 142 CERN teams cycled more than twice around the Earth in the thirteenth year of Switzerland’s Bike2Work initiative

Milan exhibition opens doors to particle physics enthusiasts

13 Jul 2016 — On 13 July, a new exhibition about CERN opens in Milan, Italy, with free entry to those with a CERN access card

LHC Report: astounding availability

11 Jul 2016 — The LHC is off to an excellent start in 2016, having already produced the triple the luminosity production of 2015

A campus-wide Wi-Fi service for CERN

10 Jul 2016 — Improvements are coming to CERN’s Wi-Fi service as connectivity is improved in offices, restaurants and meeting rooms

LHCb unveils new particles

8 Jul 2016 — The LHCb collaboration announces the observation of four “exotic” particles from its analysis of the LHC data

Linac4 crosses the 100 MeV threshold

8 Jul 2016 — The new linear accelerator, which from 2020 will be the first link in the accelerator chain, has entered a new stage of its commissioning.

Higgs Boson Pizza Day

6 Jul 2016 — CERN celebrated the fourth anniversary of the historical Higgs boson announcement with special pizzas

Maximum atmosphere at the Mini Atmoiades

6 Jul 2016 — CERN Clubs Coordination Committee and CERN Staff Association host the ASCERI Mini Atomiades June 2016

Computer Security: you’re a Summer Student?

6 Jul 2016 — For the next couple of weeks, you will be able to breathe in the free academic world of CERN. But academic freedom also comes with responsibility.

New wings give ICARUS flight for second neutrino hunt

27 Jun 2016 — The ICARUS detector is being refurbished before being sent to the US in search of sterile neutrinos.

LHC Report: highs and wet lows

27 Jun 2016 — Summertime, and the livin’ is easy… not so for the LHC, which is just entering four weeks of full-on luminosity production.

Vacuum chambers full of ideas for the Swedish synchrotron

25 Jun 2016 — CERN’s Vacuum, Surfaces and Coatings group has contributed to the development of vacuum chambers for MAX IV, the new synchrotron in Sweden

News from HR: a word from Anne-Sylvie Catherin

25 Jun 2016 — Anne-Sylvie Catherin, head of HR Department, looks back over her years at CERN before taking up her new position at the European Central Bank.

Les pompiers du CERN se perfectionnent

25 Jun 2016 — Sept pompiers du CERN ont été formés à la prise en charge des patients traumatisés.

New arrivals

21 Jun 2016 — On Wednesday, 22 June 2016, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme.

CERN Accelerator School at DESY

20 Jun 2016 — CAS Free-Electron Lasers and Energy Recovery Linacs courses were held at DESY

Computer Security: DNS to the rescue!

18 Jun 2016 — Why you should be grateful to the Domain Name System at CERN.

Double victory for CERN at the "Tour du canton de Genève"

16 Jun 2016 — Once again, the CERN Running Club has caused a stir at the Tour du Canton de Genève.

Six new projects will bridge gap between CERN and society

13 Jun 2016 — Knowledge Transfer Fund awarded over six hundred thousand Swiss francs to six projects in 2016.


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