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CERN technical students win NASA competition award

20 Oct 2016 — Technical students developed ambitious probe project at CERN Idea Square to take part in NASA competition

CERN Launches Open Journal of Experimental Innovation – CIJ

19 Oct 2016 — CERN’s IdeaSquare is launching a new on-line journal called CERN IdeaSquare Journal of Experimental Innovation or CIJ

UNOSAT: 15 years of humanitarian mapping

17 Oct 2016 — UNOSAT, UNITAR’s operational satellite applications programme, based at CERN, celebrates 15 years of supporting humanitarian work

n_TOF plays hide-and-seek with cosmological lithium

17 Oct 2016 — The n_TOF collaboration has added an important piece to the puzzle of the cosmological lithium problem

The new-look Bulletin has arrived!

17 Oct 2016 — Get all of the news on the CERN Community website and in the CERN Community Bulletin newsletter

Towards a bright HL-LHC

17 Oct 2016 — Another very successful five-day machine development block took place last week

Pay for your meal with your smartphone

17 Oct 2016 — You can now use a smartphone app to pay at the restaurants and snack bars on the Meyrin site

Inauguration of the Route de l’Europe cycle path

17 Oct 2016 — The new cycle path between the Meyrin and Prévessin sites was officially opened on Friday, 14 October

Computer Security: Flash, as bad as bad can be

17 Oct 2016 — This year, the Adobe Flash Player made it to number 1 in the charts of ways your PC or laptop could be compromised

HIE-ISOLDE celebration for end of Phase 1 installation

13 Oct 2016 — See the images from the celebration to mark the end of phase 1 of HIE-ISOLDE

European Researchers’ Night tours the Globe

11 Oct 2016 — Success for the European Researchers’ Night, which attracted almost 600 visitors on 30 September

Beamline for Schools 2016: how to be a CERN scientist

3 Oct 2016 — Two teams of high-school students from the UK and Poland had the opportunity to conduct their own experiments at a fully equipped CERN beamline

LHC smashes old collision records

3 Oct 2016 — The Large Hadron Collider is now producing more than a billion proton-proton collisions per second

Computer Security: Android’s Armageddon… Reloaded

30 Sep 2016 — About 1 billion Android smartphones are facing their Armageddon. Again

ENLIGHT meeting on particle therapy in the Netherlands

29 Sep 2016 — The annual meeting of ENLIGHT, which focuses on particle therapy for cancer treatment, was held in the Netherlands

New arrivals - September 2016

29 Sep 2016 — On Tuesday 20 September 2016, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the induction programme

A New Building for Testing Magnets

26 Sep 2016 — A ceremony to mark the laying of the foundation stone of Building 311, which will house a magnetic measurement laboratory, took place on 22 September

De-squeeze the beams: TOTEM and ATLAS/ALFA

19 Sep 2016 — A special proton-proton run with larger beam sizes at the interaction point is intended to probe the p-p elastic scattering regime at small angles

LHC Report: playing with angles

19 Sep 2016 — Ready (after a machine development period), steady (running), go (for a special run)!

How the LHC is inspiring a Smart Urban Farm Startup

19 Sep 2016 — Innovative ideas blossom at the KT Entrepreneurship meet-ups

Computer Security: e-mail is broken and nothing we can do

19 Sep 2016 — Have you ever received an e-mail from a friend or someone you know and been surprised or appalled by its contents?

ISOLDE physicists win Young Scientist prize

16 Sep 2016 — Young Scientist Prize, granted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics awarded to researchers for work at CERN’s ISOLDE

LHCb Early-Career Scientist Awards

15 Sep 2016 — On 15 September 2016, the LHCb collaboration awarded the first set of prizes for outstanding contributions of early-career scientists.

African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications

15 Sep 2016 — The fourth biennial African School of Fundamental Physics and Applications took place on 1-19 August in Africa’s cleanest city, Kigali in Rwanda.

Branson brings Virgin Galactic to CERN

6 Sep 2016 — Last week Sir Richard Branson and many of the future astronauts signed up to Virgin Galactic visited CERN

LHC hit the target!

5 Sep 2016 — Last week, the accumulated integrated luminosity reached the target value for 2016 of 25 fb-1 in both ATLAS and CMS

Romania's flag raised at CERN

5 Sep 2016 — A ceremony was held for the raising of the Romanian flag alongside the flags of CERN’s 21 other Member States

New open source medical imaging tools

5 Sep 2016 — New toolbox, released by CERN and University of Bath collaboration, has applications in medical imaging and cancer diagnosis

CERN featured as leader in Global Innovation Index

2 Sep 2016 — The Global Innovation Index 2016 report is a leading reference on innovation and uses CERN as an example of a highly successful regional initiative

Computer Security: white hats for CERN

30 Aug 2016 — Join the WhiteHat Challenge to secure our web environment!


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