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A wealth of precise new results at Moriond

30 Mar 2017 – At the 52nd Rencontres de Moriond conference CERN collaborations presented many new results, including their first ones with the full 13 TeV dataset

Accelerating News Issue 20 now available

17 Mar 2017 – The latest issue of Accelerating News has been published and is now available to read online

How strange is the proton?

16 Feb 2017 – ATLAS measurements show proton has more strange quarks than previously thought

Accelerating News Issue December 2016 now available

13 Dec 2016 – Issue 19 of Accelerating News is now available online

New results from LHCb at the CKM workshop

5 Dec 2016 – At the CKM workshop in Mumbai, India, LHCb presented four interesting new results

A new approach for global access to radiation therapy

25 Nov 2016 – Experts met at CERN to discuss possible solutions for the development of affordable instrumentation and sustainable infrastructure for radiotherapy

“On Track”, Issue 2: the latest news for AIDA-2020

3 Nov 2016 – The second issue of “On Track”, the AIDA-2020 EU project newsletter, is now available online.

Help advertise CERN’s science and technology at IEEE

27 Oct 2016 – CERN colleagues are warmly invited to help the Knowledge Transfer team welcome visitors and advertise CERN’s science and technology

CERN and ETM (Siemens) team up on Industrial Control Systems

5 Oct 2016 – The agreement will improve the company’s industrial control and automation systems thanks to a software enhancing its visualization capabilities

Accelerating News Issue 18 now available

4 Oct 2016 – Read the latest issue of Accelerating News for ongoing R&D activities for the High Luminosity upgrade of the LHC and future accelerator projects

ICE-DIP project comes to a close with workshop held at CERN

14 Sep 2016 – ICE-DIP brings together CERN, Intel and universities to offer training to five PhD students in advanced information and communications

Neutrinos take centre stage

30 Aug 2016 – Established in 2013 CERN's Neutrino Platform ensures Europe’s participation in next-generation long- and short-baseline neutrino experiments in Japan

Ghosts in the machine

23 Aug 2016 – Christine Sutton describes the pioneering 1956 experiment that proved the existence of the neutrino

New AIDA-2020 call for breakthrough detector technologies

20 Jul 2016 – Up to four projects can be funded for disruptive applications outside the field of high-energy physics, from medtech to aerospace and beyond

Issue 17 of Accelerating News now online

4 Jul 2016 – Issue 17 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

A new issue of the Experimental Physics Newsletter is online

1 Jul 2016 – The latest issue of the EP Department Newsletter is now available

On Track: The latest news and results for AIDA-2020

1 Jun 2016 – A new bi-annual “On Track” newsletter provides news and results from the AIDA-2020 European project and the wider detector community

CERN launches Physics Beyond Colliders study group

24 May 2016 – CERN invites abstract applications for the workshop, which will investigate how CERN's accelerators can help solve questions of particle physics

The Tevatron legacy: a luminosity story

12 May 2016 – The impact of the Tevatron programme extended beyond what was originally planned

Neutrons in full flight at CERN's nTOF facility

18 Apr 2016 – n_TOF, CERN’s neutron time-of-flight facility, is producing results that are important for nuclear astrophysics and novel nuclear-technology solutions


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