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CERN's strategy for neutrino physics

3 Mar 2015 – Sergio Bertolucci presents CERN's strategy for neutrino physics today at 11am. Watch the webcast

ARIEL’s first steps towards rare-isotope excellence

17 Feb 2015 – Canada’s national laboratory for particle and nuclear physics has started a new future in rare isotopes

COMPASS pinpoints polarisability of pions

10 Feb 2015 – A new result brings precision to a key measurement of strong-interaction physics

CERN openlab: Developing cutting-edge ICT systems

4 Feb 2015 – International Science Grid This Week speaks to Alberto Di Meglio as CERN openlab enters its fifth phase

CLIC prototype operational

30 Jan 2015 – The first prototype module of the Compact Linear Collider Study (CLIC) is operational in the dedicated test facility at CERN

CMS: final Run 1 results on the Higgs boson

27 Jan 2015 – The CMS collaboration recently completed the full Run 1 data analysis in each of the most important channels for the decay and production of the Higgs

RHIC’s gold record

23 Jan 2015 – For the first time a collider has brought ions of helium-3 into collision with gold nuclei

Heavy-ion collisions: where size matters

22 Jan 2015 – ALICE has used a new technique to look at the size of the final state at ‘freeze-out’ in proton-proton and proton-lead collisions

Cosmic neutrinos and more: IceCube’s first three years

18 Dec 2014 – The IceCube Neutrino Observatory at the South Pole has been collecting data on some of the most violent collisions in the universe

ISOLDE celebrates its 50th anniversary

17 Dec 2014 – ISOLDE is holding a special 50th anniversary edition of its annual workshop to celebrate the approval of the programme in 1964

ICTP: theorists in the developing world

12 Dec 2014 – ICTP director Fernando Quevedo talks to Antonella Del Rosso about the contribution that theorists make to society and why it deserves support

Accelerating News December issue now available online

8 Dec 2014 – Issue 12 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

Open meetings on forming LBNF collaboration

4 Dec 2014 – Two open meetings are taking place at CERN and Fermilab on forming an international Long-Baseline Neutrino Facility collaboration

ATLAS now on Scholarpedia

27 Nov 2014 – An overview of the experiment written by physicists Monica Dunford and Peter Jenni has been published on the peer-reviewed website Scholarpedia

Latest on the High Luminosity LHC project

24 Nov 2014 – More than 110 experts from all over the world gathered in Tsukuba, Japan for the 4th Joint HiLumi LHC/ LARP Annual Meeting

OpenStack boosts Tier 0 for LHC Run 2

20 Nov 2014 – The award-winning OpenStack cloud at CERN will grow from 75,000 to over 100,000 processing cores for LHC Run 2

New hub for dark-matter research on Interactions.org

18 Nov 2014 – Interactions.org now features an information hub grouping together news, experimental results and general information about dark matter

Quenching jets in hot dense matter from lead-ion collisions

18 Nov 2014 – The ATLAS measurement compared data of 2.76 TeV lead-ion collisions taken in 2011 with proton-proton data from a dedicated run of the LHC in 2013

Register now for public lecture on medical applications

13 Nov 2014 – Register for ‘Particles that fight cancer: the use of protons and carbon ion in cancer therapy’ which will take place on 20 November from 4-6pm

From CP violation to beauty

11 Nov 2014 – Reports from just a few of this summer’s conferences


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