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NOvA takes a new look at neutrino oscillations

13 Aug 2014 – Fermilab's new flagship neutrino-oscillation experiment, NOvA, has recorded its first neutrinos

Fifty years of CP violation

5 Aug 2014 – In the summer of 1964, the results of an experiment studying neutral kaons at Brookhaven Laboratory took the particle-physics community by surprise

Deflecting antiprotons: the AEgIS technique

28 Jul 2014 – A paper from the AEgIS collaboration in today's Nature Communications explains an ingenious method for measuring the deflection of antiprotons

ICFA looks towards a global future of particle physics

25 Jul 2014 – ICFA has issued a statement endorsing the particle-physics strategic plans produced in Europe, Asia and the US, and their globally aligned priorities

First observation of a heavy flavoured spin-3 particle

15 Jul 2014 – The LHCb experiment has presented the results of a study of strange beauty meson B0s decay into an anti-charm meson D0, a K- meson and a π+ meson

LHC seminar: CMS latest results on Higgs measurements

15 Jul 2014 – Michail Bachtis presents all the latest from CMS. Watch the webcast from 11am CET

CERN-ITER collaboration under new leadership

9 Jul 2014 – Miguel Jimenez to head CERN-ITER collaboration steering committee

LS1 report: A cold, cold summer

8 Jul 2014 – The cooling of the LHC is advancing quickly, with the second sector having now reached 200 K

Webcast: All the latest from ICHEP 2014

7 Jul 2014 – Watch the webcast from the International Conference on High-Energy Physics (ICHEP) in Valencia, Spain

CERN at ICHEP day three

6 Jul 2014 – Day three at the International Conference on High Energy Physics in Valencia, Spain, saw the end of the parallel sessions

ICHEP day 2: Two years after Higgs boson announcement

5 Jul 2014 – Yesterday, CMS and ATLAS presented their most complete and most comprehensive measurements of the properties and decay modes of the Higgs boson

CERN at the first day of ICHEP

4 Jul 2014 – Yesterday at the International Conference on High Energy Physics in Valencia, Spain, CERN’s LHC experiments presented their latest results

Electrons at the LHC: a new beginning

2 Jul 2014 – A new committee is providing direction on the case for an electron–hadron collider, both at the LHC and at a Future Circular Collider complex

Webcast: ATLAS electroweak physics programme

24 Jun 2014 – Anja Vest of the Technical University of Dresden presents recent results from ATLAS

LS1 report: Proton Synchrotron beams are back!

23 Jun 2014 – For the first time in over 15 months, there are beams back in the Proton Synchrotron

Accelerating News summer issue now available

19 Jun 2014 – Updates on EuCARD-2, ERC grants, and CRISP in Issue 10 of Accelerating News. Now available online

Accelerator experts meet in Germany

18 Jun 2014 – IPAC’14, the 5th International Accelerator Conference, has attracted more than 1500 accelerator experts this week to Dresden

ATLAS precisely measures Higgs boson mass

17 Jun 2014 – The ATLAS Collaboration has analyzed its full Run 1 data sample of seven and eight TeV proton-proton collisions delivered by the LHC

ESS: neutron beams at the high-intensity frontier

10 Jun 2014 – Learn about the European Spallation Source, and Jim Yeck, who is taking charge of the project in its construction phase, in the latest CERN Courier

New ATLAS results at LHCP: Higgs mass to string balls

10 Jun 2014 – ATLAS presented new results at the Large Hadron Collider Physics (LHCP) Conference in Columbia University, New York, 2-7 June


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