Updates for scientists

LS1 report: first beams in the PS Booster

10 Jun 2014 – On 2 June the PS Booster had beam for the first time since the beginning of LS1

Z(4430) resonance and other exotic meson results from LHCb

3 Jun 2014 – Greig Cowan of the University of Edinburgh (UK) presents the latest on exotic mesons from LHCb. Watch the webcast at 11am CET today

BESIII and the XYZ mystery

30 May 2014 – In continuing its studies of the energy region of the τ and charm particles, the BES collaboration has begun to investigate the puzzling XYZ states

LS1 report: Nearing the finish line

26 May 2014 – The LS1 team will be popping the champagne on Tuesday 27 May, celebrating the completion of the consolidation of the splices

Higgs machine-learning challenge

16 May 2014 – Competition open to find new machine-learning techniques for analysis of Higgs data produced by the ATLAS experiment

Linac4 Drift Tube Linac under assembly

13 May 2014 – After years of design, prototyping and manufacturing, the Linac4 Drift Tube Linac is being assembled at CERN

LS1 report: PS Booster prepares for beam

13 May 2014 – With Linac2 up and running, the countdown to beam in the LHC has begun: next in line is the PS Booster

LS1 report: short-circuit tests

28 Apr 2014 – As the LS1 draws to an end, teams move from installation projects to a phase of intense testing

MINERvA searches for wisdom among neutrinos

23 Apr 2014 – MINERvA seeks to make precise measurements of neutrino cross-section on light and heavy nuclei

LHC seminar: Higgs boson width

15 Apr 2014 – Jian Wang of the Université libre de Bruxelles discusses Higgs boson width from off-shell production and decay to ZZ. Watch the webcast

Neutrinos and nucleons

11 Apr 2014 – Measurements with neutrinos seemed impossible eight decades ago, but by 1974 the Gargamelle team had used them to reveal the quark structure of matter

Webcast: News from the experiments at CERN

8 Apr 2014 – The 113th meeting of the SPS and PS experiments committee brings updates from NA62, AEGIS and GBAR among others. Watch the live webcast

Thorium: An energy source for the world of tomorrow ?

27 Mar 2014 – Watch the webcast of a discussion on thorium energy today at 4.30pm CET

Antigravity matters

25 Mar 2014 – Does antimatter behave the same way as matter under the influence of gravity, or does antimatter even fall up?

LS1 report: As one door closes, another opens

24 Mar 2014 – Across the PS complex teams have seen the opening of state-of-the-art access points in compliance with the highest nuclear safety standards

Accelerating News spring issue now available online

12 Mar 2014 – Issue 9 of Accelerating News, a quarterly publication for the accelerator community, is now available

LS1 report: Blowing away the cobwebs

3 Mar 2014 – With the pressure tests now complete we are coming to the equally important phase of cleaning the machine

Webcast: Recent results on the top quark from CMS

25 Feb 2014 – At 11am CET, watch Rebeca Gonzalez Suarez present the latest measurements on single-top quark production from the CMS experiment

LS1 report: Full-size security

18 Feb 2014 – Last week several CERN teams were involved in creating a life-size mock helium leak in Sector 4-5

Apply now for access to EuCARD-2 open facilities

18 Feb 2014 – Three advanced accelerator facilities in Europe are opening their doors to researchers. Apply now for access to two of them


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