One month to go until TEDxCERN 2016 “ripples of curiosity”

Under the theme ‘ripples of curiosity’, TEDxCERN will explore curiosity and the innovations it sparks. (Image: Maximillien Brice/ CERN)

This year TEDxCERN will explore how ideas that started as mere ripples in science, technology and education are converging and creating waves of change.

On Saturday 5 November 2016 CERN will host the fourth edition of TEDxCERN, an annual conference which features bold talks by trailblazers in science, technology and the humanities.

Under the theme ‘ripples of curiosity’, TEDxCERN will explore curiosity and the innovations it sparks. Topics include artificial intelligence, DNA editing, biotechnology, global literacy, DIY science, drones, oceanography, as well as dark matter and gravitational waves.

TEDxCERN invites you to follow the event at one of the webcast partner locations all around the world, or tune in live on the TEDxCERN website. To host your own webcast event please contact

“One of CERN’s missions is to connect with people across the globe to inspire scientific curiosity and understanding,” said Charlotte Warakaulle, CERN’s Director for International Relations. “Behind every breakthrough, there is a brave idea from a curious person. With this year’s TEDx, we celebrate innovators from all fields who inspire us with their stories of how curiosity creates ripples that can change our world.”

The TEDxCERN event, sponsored by Rolex, will be hosted at CERN on 5 November 2016, from 14:00 to 18:30 CET. A very limited number of places at the event are available to the CERN community and  general public. Please apply to a ticket through the TEDxCERN website, no later than midnight on 16 October 2016. Tickets will be selected randomly.

There will also be a panel discussion the evening before, exploring the idea: ‘The fully automated human: How is technology augmenting our identities?’ The discussion will feature three of the TEDxCERN speakers and will take place on Friday 4 November from 17:30 to 19:00 CET, at the Globe of Science and Innovation. To attend, please sign-up here.


About TEDxCERN 2016: