Updates tagged "AEGIS"

CERN’s ALPHA experiment measures charge of antihydrogen

3 Jun 2014 — ALPHA reports a measurement of the electric charge of antihydrogen atoms, finding it to be compatible with zero to eight decimal places

Join the dots to measure antimatter

8 Aug 2013 — Help the AEGIS experiment at CERN to work out how antimatter is affected by gravity. Just join the dots!

ALPHA: Novel investigation of gravity and antimatter

30 Apr 2013 — The ALPHA collaboration has published a paper describing the first direct analysis of how antimatter is affected by gravity

Fat antiatoms, laser beams and matter-antimatter asymmetry

12 Feb 2013 — An international team of collaborators are manipulating 'fat' antiatoms at the AEGIS experiment at CERN's Antiproton Decelerator

AEGIS completes installation

29 Jan 2013 — The recently installed AEGIS experiment will examine the effect of gravity on antimatter

Antimatter experiments present progress

15 Jan 2013 — At CERN today, the experiments at the Antiproton Decelerator presented updates on their work in 2012, and their hopes for 2013

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