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Samuel Ting to present latest results from AMS

24 May 2018 — At a seminar at CERN today, Nobel Prize winner Samuel Ting will deliver the latest results from the AMS experiment

200th spacewalk upgrades Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer

19 May 2017 — The 200th ISS spacewalk included a new installation on the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS)

LIVE: ESA astronauts answer questions on physics in space

12 May 2017 — On Friday 12 May at 4:30pm CEST, we will be live on Facebook, from the CERN Data Centre, with three European astronauts answering your questions

AMS days: experiments present latest results

15 Apr 2015 — Results from the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer (AMS) on the International Space Station will be the focus of the three-day “AMS Days at CERN” meeting

New results from the AMS experiment in space

18 Sep 2014 — Latest measurements from the AMS experiment unveil new territories in the flux of cosmic rays

AMS to present latest results

3 Apr 2013 — At a seminar at CERN today at 5pm CET, the AMS collaboration will announce its first physics results. Watch the webcast here

The space adventure comes to a conference at CERN

30 Oct 2012 — The 4th International Conference on Particle and Fundamental Physics in Space (SpacePart12) will take place at CERN from 5 November to 7 November 2012

Tweetup at CERN today: #CERNtweetup

25 Jul 2012 — Tweetup to coincide with the visit of Nasa astronauts to the AMS experiment at CERN

AMS reaches 17 billion cosmic-ray events

22 May 2012 — Experts from the AMS collaboration operate the detector round the clock from the Payload Operation Control Center at CERN

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