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CLOUD experiment sharpens climate predictions

27 Oct 2016 — Measurements of the production rates of atmospheric aerosol particles by CERN’s CLOUD experiment put global climate projections on more solid ground

CLOUD shows pre-industrial skies cloudier than we thought

25 May 2016 — CERN’s CLOUD experiment points to a cloudier pre-industrial climate in two Nature papers published today

Seeing the invisible: Event displays in particle physics

4 Jun 2015 — From cloud chambers to 3D animations, physicists use a host of ingenious techniques to reveal subatomic particles too tiny to see

TEDed animates clouds and cosmic rays

8 Oct 2014 — TEDed and particle physicist at CERN Jasper Kirkby come together to animate the effect of clouds on the Earth’s climate

CERN experiment sheds new light on cloud formation

16 May 2014 — CLOUD experiment shows that biogenic vapours emitted by trees and oxidised in the atmosphere have significant impact on formation of clouds

Cows, clouds and climate

7 Oct 2013 — The CERN CLOUD experiment has just made a major step forward in the understanding of a critical aspect of our climate

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