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Lab-made liquid may cause strange particle behaviour

8 May 2013 — A new result from the CMS collaboration takes a step toward revealing the origin of the mysterious "ridge effect"

CMS prepares for the future

23 Apr 2013 — There will be no rest at Point 5, the site of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) detector, during the long shutdown of the LHC

Artist turns physicists into particles at CMS

16 Apr 2013 — An art installation at CMS Point 5 transforms physicists into the particles they study

CMS open for business

27 Mar 2013 — Engineers and technicians have started opening the 14,000-tonne CMS detector, to let detector physicists like David Barney get to work inside

Lead-proton run: CMS prepares to receive collisions

18 Jan 2013 — Preparations have been progressing steadily at CMS to receive collisions between protons and lead ions

Highlights from CERN in 2012

21 Dec 2012 — A Higgs-like boson, more new particles and record performance at the LHC: 2012 has been good to CERN

CMS reaches 200th paper published with LHC collision data

12 Dec 2012 — See the interactive plot of papers published by the CMS collaboration since January 2010

Contributing to LHC science (transatlantic travel optional)

27 Nov 2012 — Physicists can participate in the CMS experiment round the clock from a remote operations centre at Fermilab, near Chicago in the US

ATLAS and CMS publish observations of a new particle

10 Sep 2012 — The collaborations published the latest in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the journal Physics Letters B

ATLAS and CMS submit Higgs-search papers

1 Aug 2012 — The ATLAS and CMS collaborations today submitted papers to the journal Physics Letters B outlining the latest on their searches for the Higgs boson

CMS discovers new particle – Meet the Ξb beauty baryon

27 Apr 2012 — The detector measured a strong signal that gives the particle's mass as 5945.0 ± 2.8 MeV

What to expect from the LHC in 2012

2 Feb 2012 — Find out the schedule for LHC beams and the physics the LHC experiments will be investigating this year


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