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ISOLDE reveals shape-shifting character of Mercury isotopes

1 Oct 2018 — A team at the ISOLDE nuclear physics facility has demonstrated that the shape of mercury isotopes nuclei moves between a football and rugby ball

HIE-ISOLDE’s Phase 2 reaches completion

21 Aug 2018 — The HIE-ISOLDE project is on its way to providing radioactive nuclei at higher energies than before

ISOLDE mints isotopes of chromium

6 Jul 2018 — CERN’s ISOLDE facility has produced neutron-rich chromium isotopes, which have been weighed by the ISOLTRAP precision balance

ISOLDE peers into the world of DNA

22 Jun 2018 — Researchers at CERN’s ISOLDE facility have used an ultrasensitive variant of NMR spectroscopy to study DNA interactions

Making antimatter transportable

7 Mar 2018 — A project called PUMA aims to transport antimatter from one CERN facility to another in order to investigate exotic nuclear phenomena

New CERN facility can help medical research into cancer

12 Dec 2017 — New CERN-MEDICIS facility has produced radioisotopes for medical research for the first time

Meet ISOLDE: Where did it all begin?

16 Oct 2017 — The first in our series to celebrate 50 years of physics at CERN’s oldest experiment, the ISOLDE facility

Meet ISOLDE: Targeting new discoveries

16 Oct 2017 — What is a target and how is it built? The second article in a series celebrating 50 years of physics at CERN’s longest running experimental facility

Meet ISOLDE: Fresh faces bring fresh ideas

16 Oct 2017 — To celebrate 50 years of ISOLDE physics, the third article in our series looks at how people shape the facility and the importance of low-energy beams

Meet ISOLDE: Future physics with HIE-ISOLDE

16 Oct 2017 — In the fourth part of our series, celebrating 50 years of physics at ISOLDE, we look at the almost-complete HIE-ISOLDE upgrade

Meet ISOLDE: What can ISOLDE do for cancer research?

16 Oct 2017 — For the final part of our series celebrating 50 years of physics at ISOLDE, we see what impact research at ISOLDE can have on society

Ubuntu* - a powerful motto for an important experiment

24 Jul 2017 — The first African-led experiment has taken place at CERN

HIE-ISOLDE: Nuclear physics gets further energy boost

17 Jul 2017 — After installing the third of four cryomodules, the HIE-ISOLDE facility began its 2017 physics run expecting great results

The accelerators awaken

13 Apr 2017 — The accelerator chain and the experiments that it serves are gradually awakening after the extended year-end technical stop (EYETS)

Retired MRI scanner gets new life studying the stars

4 Apr 2017 — Magnet from re-commissioned Australian MRI scanner used to help scientists understand star explosions

First physics experiment at HIE-ISOLDE begins

9 Sep 2016 — Installation of the second cryomodule at HIE-ISOLDE means unique, upgraded machine is now ready to take physics measurements at higher energies

Has the magic gone from Calcium-52?

9 Feb 2016 — CERN Researchers at ISOLDE facility show the supposedly doubly-magic nucleus 52Ca has an unexpectedly large charge radius

Meet the CERN robots

17 Dec 2015 — From retrieving data tapes to handling material safely, the robots at CERN fulfill numerous tasks

Upgraded nuclear physics facility starts up

16 Nov 2015 — The new HIE-ISOLDE accelerator is up and running, increasing the beam energy of ISOLDE, CERN’s nuclear physics facility

WITCH hunt nearing end at CERN

30 Oct 2015 — For Halloween meet CERN’s very own WITCH experiment at ISOLDE, as it nears the end of its data analysis


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