Updates tagged "ISOLDE"

CERN’s ISOLTRAP reveals new magic in the atomic nucleus

19 Jun 2013 — The ISOLTRAP collaboration has measured the mass of exotic calcium nuclei using a new instrument installed at the ISOLDE facility at CERN

A fundamental property of the rarest element on Earth

14 May 2013 — An international team of physicists at ISOLDE have for the first time measured the ionization potential of the rare radioactive element astatine

First observations of short-lived pear-shaped atomic nuclei

8 May 2013 — An international team at the ISOLDE radioactive-beam facility at CERN has shown that some atomic nuclei can assume asymmetric, "pear" shapes

ISOLDE to produce isotopes for medical research

6 Apr 2012 — The CERN-MEDICIS project will use waste beams from ISOLDE to produce isotopes that could help in the war on cancer


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