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LHC injection tests to begin

6 Mar 2015 — The Operations team is testing the systems that deliver beams to the Large Hadron Collider in preparation for the start-up this month

Timelapse: LHC experiments prepare for restart

23 Feb 2015 — Watch a timelapse video of the huge LHC detectors ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb preparing to start up again

CERN's two-year shutdown drawing to a close

13 Feb 2015 — Two years ago, CERN's accelerators and experiments shut down for maintenance, to prepare the LHC for running at 13 TeV

CMS pins down Higgs with first run data

27 Jan 2015 — Recent publications from CMS use data from the LHC's first run to shed light on the properties of the Higgs boson

LHC Season 2: holding the key to new frontiers

12 Jan 2015 — With ‘LHC Season 2’ starting soon, running at a new high energy, the LHC key is handed back to the machine operators today

LHC filling with liquid helium at 4 kelvin

17 Dec 2014 — The CERN cryogenics team are filling the LHC with liquid helium, cooling entire sections to below 4K

CERN’s Large Hadron Collider gears up for run 2

12 Dec 2014 — CERN teams are carrying out all required tests to get proton beams back in the LHC for March 2015

One LHC sector up to full energy

9 Dec 2014 — Magnets in one sector of the accelerator are fully prepared for the restart at higher energies

Beams come knocking on the LHC's door

24 Nov 2014 — Weekend tests with beams brought protons just short of the LHC

CERN makes public first data of LHC experiments

20 Nov 2014 — The Open Data Portal makes data from real collision events at the LHC openly available to all

A new world record for CERN at 60 years old

26 Sep 2014 — In CERN’s 60th year, the first proof of the existence of the Higgs boson earns a Guinness World Record for CERN, ATLAS and CMS

Technical troubleshooting at the CERN Control Centre

4 Aug 2014 — A team is on call 24 hours a day to monitor technical systems and quickly respond to alerts across CERN's accelerator complex

Cosmic rays tune ATLAS for a particle symphony

27 Jun 2014 — In preparation for the LHC's next run, physicists are calibrating the ATLAS experiment - with high-energy rays from outer space

CERN announces LHC restart schedule

23 Jun 2014 — Cool down of the Large Hadron Collider has already begun in preparation for research to resume early in 2015

CERN experiments report new Higgs boson measurements

23 Jun 2014 — Results reported by ATLAS and CMS discuss the decay of Higgs bosons directly to fermions, the particles that make up matter

How universal is (lepton) universality?

3 Jun 2014 — New results from LHCb suggest that B+mesons decay to muons about 25% less often than they decay to electrons

The tour continues for the Large Hadron Collider

23 May 2014 — Today the Collider exhibition, which began life at London’s Science Museum, launches in Manchester, UK, ahead of an international tour

LHC consolidations: 27,000 shunts now in place

5 May 2014 — Some 27,000 electrical shunts have been added to connections between magnets on the LHC

Tracking particles faster at the LHC

22 Apr 2014 — A new trigger system will expand what ATLAS scientists can look for during high-energy collisions at the Large Hadron Collider

Microelectronics at CERN: from infancy to maturity

4 Mar 2014 — The start of the LAA project in 1986 propelled electronics at CERN into the era of microelectronics


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