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In pictures: Access to the last LHC splice

11 Feb 2014 — A team composed of CERN staff, industrial support and mechanics from Pakistan have given access to the last LHC splice for inspection

Highlights from CERN in 2013

19 Dec 2013 — Higgs boson decays, a Nobel prize for Higgs and Englert and a huge Open Days event were among the big stories at CERN this year

X-ray tests: Night at the collider

25 Nov 2013 — When night falls over CERN, a team of X-ray experts go underground to perform tests on the Large Hadron Collider

The Large Hadron Collider on tour

12 Nov 2013 — Collider, a new exhibition about the LHC, opens in London this week. It will stay for 6 months before a planned international tour

Explore CERN with Google Street View

26 Sep 2013 — CERN and Google have joined forces to create panoramic virtual tours of the CERN site

Standard Model held strong at EPS conference

25 Jul 2013 — Results presented by LHC experiments give further credence to strength of Standard Model

20-year journey of discovery for LHC experiments

27 Jun 2013 — Conception of the LHC experiments took many years, this year three of them celebrate their 20th anniversaries

Timelapse: Giant magnet flies through ALICE cavern

7 Jun 2013 — Watch a quadrupole magnet being lowered into the ALICE cavern for transportation to its required spot on the LHC

Lab-made liquid may cause strange particle behaviour

8 May 2013 — A new result from the CMS collaboration takes a step toward revealing the origin of the mysterious "ridge effect"

The Large Hadron Collider goes to London

25 Apr 2013 — The Science Museum in London is launching a new exhibition featuring digital detector caverns and magnets from the LHC

The LHC at level best

9 Apr 2013 — CERN surveyors have taken new measurements of the height of the LHC magnets in the tunnel, to see how geological shifts may be affecting the machine

Get connected: Consolidating LHC splices

19 Mar 2013 — Watch Jean-Phillipe Tock of the Technology department explain how CERN technicians are upgrading interconnections on the Large Hadron Collider

ATLAS releases animated particle plots

12 Mar 2013 — The ATLAS collaboration has just released four animations showing how signals of new particles can emerge from LHC collision data

LHC access required: Time estimate ~ 2 years

18 Feb 2013 — On Saturday at 8.25am the crew in the CERN Control Centre extracted the beams from the LHC, ending the machine’s first three-year running period

First three-year LHC running period reaches a conclusion

14 Feb 2013 — At 7.24am, the shift crew in the CERN Control Centre extracted the beams from the Large Hadron Collider, ending the machine’s first three-year run

Heavy metal: Refilling the lead source for the LHC

4 Feb 2013 — Every two weeks, ion-source physicist Detlef Küchler refills the lead source for the LHC with pure lead 208

ALICE scrutinizes proton-lead run for quark-gluon plasma

22 Jan 2013 — The ALICE experiment will be watching the collisions closely to tease out the effects of lead ions from the effects of the plasma

Protons smash lead ions in first LHC collisions of 2013

21 Jan 2013 — Accelerator team declares "stable beams" as lead ions collide with protons in first LHC physics beams of 2013

Lead-proton run: CMS prepares to receive collisions

18 Jan 2013 — Preparations have been progressing steadily at CMS to receive collisions between protons and lead ions

Preparing the LHC for the lead-proton run

16 Jan 2013 — For the last run before the two-year shutdown, the LHC is going beyond its original design specification and will collide protons with lead ions


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