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LHC proton run ends with new milestone

17 Dec 2012 — Remarkable first three-year run of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator crowned by a new performance milestone

LHC and experiments give round-up of first three years

13 Dec 2012 — Highlights included sensitive searches for new physics, the decay of a Bs meson, quark-gluon plasma and insights on the structure of the proton

Webcast: LHC experiments present status update

13 Dec 2012 — The LHC experiments will each give a brief presentation in the CERN auditorium today. Watch the webcast

Fundamental Physics Prize honours ATLAS, CMS and LHC

11 Dec 2012 — Seven leaders of the LHC, CMS and ATLAS projects will share a $3m prize for advancing knowledge of the universe

LHC experiments already planning for long shutdown

18 Sep 2012 — ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb are looking ahead to the 20-month shutdown from February 2013

LHC collides protons with lead ions for the first time

13 Sep 2012 — The switch - a test for a longer proton-lead run scheduled for January to February 2013 - presented numerous technical challenges

Large Hadron Collider run to be extended by seven weeks

21 Jul 2012 — LHC will run for a further seven weeks in a bid to maximize data for physics following the latest Higgs-search update

LHC experiments prepare for summer conferences

27 Jun 2012 — CERN physicists are frantically analysing data in the run-up to ICHEP 2012, this year's major particle-physics conference in Melbourne, Australia

LHC delivers more collisions than in the whole of 2011

13 Jun 2012 — Excellent accelerator performance and a higher running energy has ensured the LHC has delivered collisions quickly this year

Full moon pulls LHC from its protons

7 Jun 2012 — The LHC is so large that operators have to correct for a surprising source of error - the moon's gravitational pull

LHC physics underway at record collision energy of 8TeV

5 Apr 2012 — At 12.38pm CEST this morning, the LHC shift crew declared "stable beams"

LHC to run at 4 TeV per beam in 2012

13 Feb 2012 — CERN's director of accelerators and technology explains the reasoning behind running at 0.5 Tev higher than in 2011

Chamonix: Looking forward to 2012

8 Feb 2012 — The experiments' desiderata for the year included either discovery or exclusion of the Higgs boson

What to expect from the LHC in 2012

2 Feb 2012 — Find out the schedule for LHC beams and the physics the LHC experiments will be investigating this year

LHC beams for 2012 begin

20 Jan 2012 — CERN's director of accelerators and technology explains the reasoning behind running at 0.5 Tev higher than in 2011


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