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Big data, big opportunities — for science and for enterprise

20 Sep 2013 — Ahead of this month’s inaugural ISC Big Data conference in Germany, International Science Grid This Week speaks to CERN openlab’s Sverre Jarp

Helix Nebula and the view from space

10 Jul 2013 — Wolfgang Lengert of the European Space Agency talks to International Science Grid This Week about big data and the Helix Nebula project

CERN inaugurates data centre extension in Budapest

13 Jun 2013 — The Wigner Research Centre for Physics in Hungary hosts a major extension of CERN computing resources

Grid computing founder: 'Science needs to travel faster'

22 May 2013 — Ian Foster, one of the founders of grid computing, on the challenges of big data

CERN and OpenAIREplus launch European research repository

8 May 2013 — Zenodo, hosted at CERN, will researchers to share publications and supporting data more easily

The Large Hadron Collider's worldwide computer

1 May 2013 — Behind the excellent results from CERN's Large Hadron Collider (LHC) lies the Worldwide LHC Computing Grid – a giant that never sleeps

Animation shows LHC data processing

18 Apr 2013 — A new animation from CERN's IT department shows how LHC data is collected and sent around the world for processing

CRISP: Physics and collaboration

28 Mar 2013 — At the 2nd Annual Meeting of CRISP in Switzerland, CERN delegates discussed the IT challenges the laboratory faces to deal with LHC data

CERN Data Centre passes 100 petabytes

14 Feb 2013 — The CERN Data Centre has collected more than 100 petabytes of data – equivalent to roughly 700 years of full HD-quality movies

The next generation of scientific computing

6 Feb 2013 — Leaders from academia and industry came together last week at CERN to discuss the IT requirements for the next generation of research infrastructures

Helix Nebula project passes proof-of-concept

24 Jan 2013 — Now half way through its pilot phase, the Helix Nebula project is moving ahead with new organizations coming on board

Destination Serbia: a new life for CERN's servers

5 Dec 2012 — Servers from CERN's computer centre are sent to Serbia where they will be re-used by students and researchers

Centenary of the birth of Wim Klein, CERN's first computer

4 Dec 2012 — Before electronic computers were widely available at CERN, a Dutchman called Willem "Wim" Klein performed astonishing feats of mental arithmetic

LHC Grid tackles 270-year-old maths problem

27 Sep 2012 — The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid is taking on a mathematical conjecture first written down by Christian Goldbach in 1742

CERN computing looks to the future

9 May 2012 — A new data centre in Hungary and the 4th phase of Openlab promise improvements to CERN's computing infrastructure


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