CERN Updates

Showcasing high-energy women

8 Mar 2016 — For International Women’s day 2016, CERN showcases some of the women from the six decades of CERN’s history

In Theory: Why bother with theoretical physics?

2 Mar 2016 — In the second feature of our In Theory series we explore what it takes to make someone a theoretical physicist

Congratulations to SuperKEKB for “first turns"

2 Mar 2016 — The High Energy Accelerator Research Organization (KEK) in Japan celebrates first turns and successful storage of beams in the SuperKEKB collider

Historic moment as SESAME begins storage ring installation

29 Feb 2016 — This week the first of the 16 cells of SESAME’s storage ring was installed in the shielding tunnel in the centre’s experimental hall in Allan, Jordan

In Theory: Welcome to the Theory corridor

18 Feb 2016 — A photo essay introducing the Theory department at CERN and some of its theoreticians

Awakening acceleration: AWAKE’s plasma cell arrives

17 Feb 2016 — With plasma cell in place, CERN’s AWAKE experiment is one step closer to testing acceleration hundreds of times more powerful than current methods

The ICTR-PHE medical conference kicks off

15 Feb 2016 — Experts in medicine, physics, biology and IT come together with the aim of advancing medical techniques

CERN congratulates the discoverers of gravitational waves

11 Feb 2016 — Congratulations to LIGO and Virgo for the first ever direct detection of gravitational waves

TEDxCERN gets the TED spotlight

10 Feb 2016 — The TED website now hosts even more TEDxCERN talks, reaching viewers of more than 1 million per video

Has the magic gone from Calcium-52?

9 Feb 2016 — CERN Researchers at ISOLDE facility show the supposedly doubly-magic nucleus 52Ca has an unexpectedly large charge radius

Last main ring components leave CERN for SESAME

1 Feb 2016 — Less than three years after the EC and CERN announced the start of the CESSAMag project, the final components left CERN bound for Jordan today

Official visits to CERN from Lithuania and Pakistan

27 Jan 2016 — The Laboratory welcomes the President of Lithuania and the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Microcosm: the story of CERN

22 Jan 2016 — After a major revamp in 2015, CERN’s Microcosm exhibition is once again open to visitors

ALPHA experiment shows antihydrogen charge is neutral

21 Jan 2016 — ALPHA shows the most accurate measurement yet of the electric charge of antihydrogen atoms in a new Nature paper

Winter therapy for the accelerators

14 Jan 2016 — Hundreds of people were hard at work during the year-end technical stop as all the accelerators underwent maintenance and upgrade operations

Carlo Rubbia awarded China’s highest scientific prize

8 Jan 2016 — Professor Carlo Rubbia, former CERN Director-General, awarded highest scientific prize for foreign individuals by the People’s Republic of China

CERN expands scientific collaboration with Middle East

7 Jan 2016 — New International Cooperation Agreements with Lebanon and Palestine pave the way to enhanced collaboration between CERN and the Middle East

Happy 2016 from CERN

5 Jan 2016 — As the New Year begins, CERN’s new Director-General, Fabiola Gianotti looks to the goals and challenges for 2016 and beyond

2015 at CERN in pictures

18 Dec 2015 — 2015: the year that saw the restart of collisions at the world’s largest particle accelerator and the return of the particle hunters to their lookouts

A new era for CERN-US collaboration in particle physics

18 Dec 2015 — Following the signature of an umbrella agreement in May, a series of detailed CERN-US protocols was concluded today in a short ceremony at CERN


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