CERN Updates

Make music with ATLAS data

26 May 2016 — Newly-launched Quantizer platform transforms ATLAS events into music

CLOUD shows pre-industrial skies cloudier than we thought

25 May 2016 — CERN’s CLOUD experiment points to a cloudier pre-industrial climate in two Nature papers published today

In Theory: Is theoretical physics in crisis?

18 May 2016 — Do recent discoveries mean there’s nothing left? Find out what the future holds for theoretical physics in our final In Theory series installment

Make Lego LHC a reality

10 May 2016 — A design for a Lego LHC needs about 3000 more signatures for Lego to consider it for a new product

The 2016 physics season starts at the LHC

9 May 2016 — The LHC and its experiments are back in action, now taking physics data for 2016

Repairs ongoing on electrical installations at CERN

2 May 2016 — The LHC went into standby on Friday last week following an electrical perturbation at point 8, caused by a small animal

CMS releases new batch of LHC open data

25 Apr 2016 — The CMS collaboration makes 300 TB of high-quality data from the LHC available to the public through the CERN Open Data Portal

Preparations continue for the upcoming physics run

25 Apr 2016 — The first low-intensity stable beams have been declared in the LHC following the restart in March 2016

Renovated Globe opens new world for visitors

21 Apr 2016 — CERN launches a new website for visitors as Globe reopens to the public after extensive renovation

In Theory: Which came first…?

14 Apr 2016 — In the fifth part of our “In Theory” series, we take a look at the relationship between theorists and experimental physicists

Webcast: Discovery machines and future colliders

14 Apr 2016 — This week sees leaders in the fields of physics and engineering meet to discuss the future of particle accelerators

Too quiet to hear a particle drop

11 Apr 2016 — Quiet beams declared in the LHC as the first test collisions are made

Physics on the money

6 Apr 2016 — New Swiss banknotes to feature imagery inspired by physics

The Republic of Cyprus becomes CERN Associate Member State

5 Apr 2016 — On 1 April 2016, the Republic of Cyprus became an Associate Member State of CERN in pre-stage to Membership

Sonified Higgs data show a surprising result

1 Apr 2016 — Scientists at CERN have made a surprising discovery after sonifying Higgs boson data

Return of the LHC – season 2 continues

29 Mar 2016 — The LHC has introduced beam for the first time since the year-end technical stop began in December 2015

More(iond) data needed

22 Mar 2016 — Particle hunting is in full swing as LHC experiment collaborations have come up with dozens of fresh results at a meeting for particle physicists

In Theory: Why are theoreticians filled with wanderlust?

22 Mar 2016 — Fasten your seatbelts for a grand world tour in the fourth installment of our 'In Theory' series

The LHC wakes up from its winter break

21 Mar 2016 — An update on the maintenance work that’s been carried out on the LHC, the experiments and the machines during the year-end technical stop

In Theory: Are theoreticians just football fanatics?

15 Mar 2016 — In the third feature article of the In Theory series the theoreticians discuss what made them choose their field


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