CERN Updates

Meet the CERN robots

17 Dec 2015 — From retrieving data tapes to handling material safely, the robots at CERN fulfill numerous tasks

Vibration tests for High-Luminosity LHC project begin

17 Dec 2015 — In preparation for civil engineering work for the High-Luminosity Large Hadron Collider, vibration measurements have been carried out near the LHC

ATLAS and CMS present their 2015 LHC results

16 Dec 2015 — The two general-purpose LHC experiments have unveiled analyses of data collected in 2015 from proton collisions at an energy of 13 TeV

Top six photos in ‘Global Physics Photowalk’ announced

15 Dec 2015 — The InterActions collaboration has selected its top six photographs in the ‘Global Physics Photowalk’ competition

Breaking the rules: TEDxCERN 2015 videos now live

1 Dec 2015 — All the talks from TEDxCERN 2015 from using virtual reality in education to surfing wakefields, are now available online

Test racetrack dipole magnet produces record 16 tesla field

27 Nov 2015 — CERN test magnet reaches a record-breaking goal of 16.2 tesla field, paving way for future accelerator designs

Release the beams! Linac 4 hits the 50 MeV mark

26 Nov 2015 — Linac 4 now reaching milestone energy of 50MeV to act as replacement for ageing Linac2, before taking over at head of accelerator chain in 2020

LHC collides ions at new record energy

25 Nov 2015 — The accelerator is colliding leads ions at an energy about twice as high as that of any previous collider experiment

New Knowledge Transfer website to grow CERN’s industry links

23 Nov 2015 — A new Knowledge Transfer network website and newsletter encourages businesses and researchers to share tech, expertise and interests

LHC: A proton 'reference' run to prepare for lead

19 Nov 2015 — The Large Hadron Collider today collided protons at lower energies than usual to pave the way for studying lead-ion collisions

CERN and research institutes discuss energy sustainability

18 Nov 2015 — CERN’s energy coordinator showcased the laboratory’s energy efficiency plans as worldwide research institutes met to discuss energy sustainability

Beamline for Schools competition 2016 launches today

17 Nov 2015 — High-school students: you could win the chance to come to CERN and run a real experiment, register now

Upgraded nuclear physics facility starts up

16 Nov 2015 — The new HIE-ISOLDE accelerator is up and running, increasing the beam energy of ISOLDE, CERN’s nuclear physics facility

LHC arrives in Singapore

13 Nov 2015 — This weekend the Collider exhibition opens in Singapore, CERN's travelling exhibition continues in Spain and Georgia enjoys CERN’s interactive tunnel

‘Photowalk’: Vote for your favourite pictures!

10 Nov 2015 — CERN announces the winners of the CERN Photowalk 2015. The three winning photos will now enter into the global competition

CERN DG to become member of EC science advisory group

10 Nov 2015 — Rolf Heuer to be one of seven leading scientists providing advice to European Commission as part of new Scientific Advisory Mechanism announced today

LHC completes proton run for 2015, preps for lead

4 Nov 2015 — After some 400 trillion proton-proton collisions delivered to both ATLAS and CMS, the accelerator will now switch to its heavy-ion programme

CERN speaks at UN about the laboratory’s cooperation model

3 Nov 2015 — At the United Nations in Geneva yesterday, CERN representatives discussed their laboratory’s model for international cooperation and science for peace

WITCH hunt nearing end at CERN

30 Oct 2015 — For Halloween meet CERN’s very own WITCH experiment at ISOLDE, as it nears the end of its data analysis

LHC luminosity upgrade project moving to next phase

27 Oct 2015 — Meeting of scientists and engineers from around the world marks end of design phase for High-Luminosity project to upgrade the Large Hadron Collider


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