CERN Updates

A bumper crop of LHC results at Quark Matter 2018

18 May 2018 — The main LHC collaborations present a wealth of new results at this year’s Quark Matter conference

Using CERN technology for medical challenges

8 May 2018 — A healthcare kit for remote conditions and a screening system for anti-cancer pharmaceuticals are the winners of the first CERN Medtech:Hack

Are you up for the TrackML challenge?

7 May 2018 — Can machine learning assist high-energy physics in discovering and characterising new particles?

CERN launches a new careers website

2 May 2018 — An all-new user- and mobile-friendly CERN careers website launches today, find out more at

Honey, I shrunk the vacuum chambers!

2 May 2018 — A new technique developed at CERN will allow electron synchrotrons to operate at higher energies by reducing the diameter of the beam pipes

The 2018 data-taking run at the LHC has begun

30 Apr 2018 — The LHC operators hope to break last year’s record for total proton-proton collisions delivered to the experiments

LIVE: Inside CERN’s antimatter factory

26 Apr 2018 — On Thursday 26 April 2018 at 4pm CEST, join the CERN Facebook live from our unique Antiproton Decelerator

Crabs settled in the tunnel

22 Apr 2018 — After several years of preparatory work, the first crab cavity prototypes have been installed in the SPS tunnel and are ready for testing

CERN’s SPS experiments restart

19 Apr 2018 — Experiments resume at CERN’s second-largest accelerator, the Super Proton Synchrotron

First LHC test collisions of 2018

12 Apr 2018 — The Large Hadron Collider has initiated the collision of proton beams for the first time this year

A new era of precision for antimatter research

4 Apr 2018 — The ALPHA experiment at CERN has measured a light-induced transition in antihydrogen with unprecedented precision

“Humpty Dumpty” particle discovered

1 Apr 2018 — It’s no yolk: the LHCb experiment has discovered the smallest lump of glue that holds matter together.

Beams are back in the LHC

29 Mar 2018 — Protons have been circulating in the Large Hadron Collider since Friday 30 March, marking the start of the machine’s seventh year of operation

CERN experiment sees hints of a rare kaon decay

27 Mar 2018 — The NA62 experiment has observed a candidate event of an ultra-rare charged kaon decay

Particle detectors meet canvas

26 Mar 2018 — This year is the European year of cultural heritage, but what does particle physics have to do with art? More than you might think.

Arts at CERN announces the winners of the Collide awards

22 Mar 2018 — Artists from all over the world are invited to spend time at CERN and work alongside particle physicists and engineers

Higgs results take centre stage at annual Moriond conference

19 Mar 2018 — ATLAS and CMS present new measurements of the properties of the Higgs boson

CERN pays tribute to Stephen Hawking

14 Mar 2018 — Theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, has died on 14 March aged 76.

Accelerator hibernation ends

9 Mar 2018 — As CERN’s winter shutdown draws to a close, watch this video to see what has been going on underground

Making antimatter transportable

7 Mar 2018 — A project called PUMA aims to transport antimatter from one CERN facility to another in order to investigate exotic nuclear phenomena


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