CERN Updates

At the LHC, tomorrow is already here

5 Dec 2017 — Before the LHC was shut down for the winter, the operators tested techniques under development for its successor, the High-Luminosity LHC (HL-LHC)

How to produce the purest argon ever?

30 Nov 2017 — CERN is helping to align and test a 350-metre column to produce extra-pure argon for a dark-matter search experiment

A very special run for the LHCb experiment

30 Nov 2017 — During the 2017 LHC special runs, the LHCb experiment collected proton-proton and proton-neon data simultaneously for the first time

AWAKE: Closer to a breakthrough acceleration technology

24 Nov 2017 — The last components of AWAKE – its electron source, electron beam line and electron spectrometer – have just been installed

First light for pioneering SESAME light source

23 Nov 2017 — This signals the start of the laboratory’s experimental programme

CERN surprises Swiss expo visitors

21 Nov 2017 — CERN was the guest of honour at the Automnales, Geneva’s huge annual fair: ten days of encounters and exchanges with the general public.

50 years since iconic 'A Model of Leptons' published

20 Nov 2017 — Steven Weinberg’s iconic paper, A Model of Leptons, was published in 1967 and determined the direction for high-energy particle physics research

Record luminosity: well done LHC

13 Nov 2017 — The LHC’s 2017 proton run has ended with record luminosity. The special runs will now take place before the winter shutdown.

Combatting cancer in challenging environments

9 Nov 2017 — CERN, the International Cancer Expert Corps (ICEC) and STFC are developing medical linear accelerators for low- and middle-income countries

Marie Skłodowska-Curie: more alive today than ever

7 Nov 2017 — We meet some of the Marie Skłodowska-Curie fellows, on the 150th anniversary of the exceptional scientist’s birth

How much does a kilogram weigh?

2 Nov 2017 — During a seminar at CERN, Klaus von Klitzing, the 1985 Physics Nobel Laureate, explained how the definition of the kilogram will be revolutionised

From Earth to space: developing radiation-tolerant systems

1 Nov 2017 — CERN develops new technologies that have applications not only in particle physics experiments, but also in the aerospace industry

Happy Dark Matter Day

31 Oct 2017 — While 31 October may mean Halloween to some, to laboratories around the world it means Dark Matter Day

LHC reaches 2017 targets ahead of schedule

30 Oct 2017 — With 19 days still to go, the LHC has reached its 2017 production target, delivering more than 45 inverse femtobarns to the experiments

Xenon in the SPS: First tests for a photon factory

27 Oct 2017 — Partially ionised xenon atoms have been accelerated in the SPS to test a new gamma-ray source concept

From the web to a start-up near you

26 Oct 2017 — Twenty years ago, in 1997, CERN set up a reinforced policy and team to support its knowledge- and technology-transfer activities

Webcast: How does collaboration shape innovation?

25 Oct 2017 — Live from IdeaSquare, CERN's innovation centre, from 13:00 on October 25 2017

Meet the DUNEs

23 Oct 2017 — Meet the two prototypes under construction at CERN for the Deep Underground Neutrino Experiment

ATLAS and CMS join forces to tackle top-quark asymmetry

20 Oct 2017 — Top marks for the Standard Model as LHC experiments ATLAS and CMS study the subtle behaviour of the heaviest particle

A more precise measurement for antimatter than for matter

19 Oct 2017 — The BASE collaboration breaks its own precision measurement record of antiproton’s magnetic moment


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