CERN Updates

ALICE plans future upgrades

25 Oct 2012 — A smaller beam pipe and a redesign of the tracker systems are among the upgrades the ALICE experiment will deploy during the long shutdown of the LHC

James Gillies wins Global Business Communicator of the year

22 Oct 2012 — CERN's head of communications James Gillies was awarded the Global Business Communicator of the year award at an event in Mumbai, India on Friday

Students screen CERN technologies

19 Oct 2012 — Thirty-one students evaluated the market potential of three CERN technologies this week as part of a collaboration with their Norwegian university

Wilton Park: Science, theology and the big bang

18 Oct 2012 — Scientists from CERN examined the common ground between science, philosophy and theology at a Wilton Park meeting this week

A summer of (physics) code

16 Oct 2012 — This summer, seven young coding wizzes contributed to CERN projects through the Google Summer of Code program

Bringing particle physics to the Frankfurt Book Fair

11 Oct 2012 — CERN is showcasing its science at the Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany from 10-14 October

ESO celebrates its 50th anniversary

5 Oct 2012 — The European Southern Observatory, founded on 5 October 1962, has close links with CERN

A major step forward for open-access publishing

1 Oct 2012 — Representatives from 29 countries are meeting at CERN today to launch the Sponsoring Consortium for Open Access Publishing in Particle Physics

LHC Grid tackles 270-year-old maths problem

27 Sep 2012 — The Worldwide LHC Computing Grid is taking on a mathematical conjecture first written down by Christian Goldbach in 1742

Agnieszka Zalewska elected president of CERN council

20 Sep 2012 — The polish physicist will serve for a period of one year renewable twice, with a mandate starting on 1 January 2013

ATLAS Virtual Visits wins Digital Communication Award

18 Sep 2012 — The project was awarded "Best Online Event" at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany, last week

LHC experiments already planning for long shutdown

18 Sep 2012 — ALICE, ATLAS, CMS and LHCb are looking ahead to the 20-month shutdown from February 2013

LHC collides protons with lead ions for the first time

13 Sep 2012 — The switch - a test for a longer proton-lead run scheduled for January to February 2013 - presented numerous technical challenges

European particle physics refreshes long-term strategy

12 Sep 2012 — Some 500 particle physicists meeting in Krakow, Poland, this week debated the long-term future of their field at the CERN Council Open Symposium

ATLAS and CMS publish observations of a new particle

10 Sep 2012 — The collaborations published the latest in the search for the Standard Model Higgs boson in the journal Physics Letters B

How to protect yourself from the latest JAVA bug

5 Sep 2012 — Computer security advice from CERN's head of computer security Stefan Lüders

Higgs boson detected at London Paralympics

30 Aug 2012 — The particle was the star of Enlightenment - a science-themed ceremony featuring Stephen Hawking and Ian McKellen

Testing begins for CERN's future linear accelerator

29 Aug 2012 — Linear accelerator 4 will deliver particles to the Proton-Synchrotron Booster at more than triple the energy the current linac achieves

Next-generation magnets: Small, but powerful

27 Aug 2012 — A CERN-Fermilab team has developed a new magnet that will be a valuable asset to the HL-LHC, the next step of for LHC machine

Cosmic rays discovered 100 years ago

7 Aug 2012 — Today marks 100 years since Victor Hess made last of series of balloon flights leading to the discovery of cosmic rays


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