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CERN Tweetup reaches over one million followers

3 Aug 2012 — Five winners of a competition announced on Twitter reached the vast audience during CERN's first ever Tweetup

Timepix detectors track cosmic radiation on the ISS

2 Aug 2012 — On 31 July, an unmanned Russian Progress spacecraft was launched from Kazakhstan, carrying five Timepix detectors to the ISS

ATLAS and CMS submit Higgs-search papers

1 Aug 2012 — The ATLAS and CMS collaborations today submitted papers to the journal Physics Letters B outlining the latest on their searches for the Higgs boson

AMS experiment marks one year in space

25 Jul 2012 — The Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the ISS has been taking data for a year. The shuttle crew that took it to space visited CERN to mark the occasion

Tweetup at CERN today: #CERNtweetup

25 Jul 2012 — Tweetup to coincide with the visit of Nasa astronauts to the AMS experiment at CERN

Proposal to use CERN accelerator for biomedical research

23 Jul 2012 — Discussions under way for possible re-use of LEIR accelerator

Large Hadron Collider run to be extended by seven weeks

21 Jul 2012 — LHC will run for a further seven weeks in a bid to maximize data for physics following the latest Higgs-search update

Higgs within reach

4 Jul 2012 — Our understanding of the universe is about to change…

Collaboration to build new antiproton decelerator

28 Jun 2012 — The Extra Low Energy Antiproton ring (ELENA) will further slow antiprotons from the Antiproton Decelerator, to make them easier to trap

LHC experiments prepare for summer conferences

27 Jun 2012 — CERN physicists are frantically analysing data in the run-up to ICHEP 2012, this year's major particle-physics conference in Melbourne, Australia

LHC delivers more collisions than in the whole of 2011

13 Jun 2012 — Excellent accelerator performance and a higher running energy has ensured the LHC has delivered collisions quickly this year

Full moon pulls LHC from its protons

7 Jun 2012 — The LHC is so large that operators have to correct for a surprising source of error - the moon's gravitational pull

Two beautiful new particles

30 May 2012 — The LHCb collaboration has observed two new excited states of the Λb beauty particle, confirming Standard-Model predictions

AMS reaches 17 billion cosmic-ray events

22 May 2012 — Experts from the AMS collaboration operate the detector round the clock from the Payload Operation Control Center at CERN

Laser acceleration, now with added fibre

16 May 2012 — Lasers consume too much power and can't sustain accelerating particles long enough to produce collisions. ICAN hopes to change all that

LHCb discovers two excited states for the Λb beauty particle

16 May 2012 — The Standard Model predicts the existence of these new states but this is the first time they have been confirmed in experiments

CERN computing looks to the future

9 May 2012 — A new data centre in Hungary and the 4th phase of Openlab promise improvements to CERN's computing infrastructure

Forty years of the PS Booster

30 Apr 2012 — The Proton Synchrotron (PS) Booster – a key accelerator in the CERN complex – is 40 years old this month

CMS discovers new particle – Meet the Ξb beauty baryon

27 Apr 2012 — The detector measured a strong signal that gives the particle's mass as 5945.0 ± 2.8 MeV

Taking the measure of the kilogram

7 Apr 2012 — Forget the new diet - you may weigh less in the morning anyway, thanks to an overhaul of the kilogram


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