New 'Drupal site editing' course

There is a new Drupal course in our catalogue “Drupal Site Editing” (2 days, 400 CHF); suitable for anyone wanting to modify or add content on a CERN Drupal website - no development experience required.

This two day course gives an introduction to Drupal , and then concentrates on how to create a simple drupal web page using the CERN theme and how to modify/add content to the site. The trainer is Valerie Huret. The language of the sessions will be organized depending on the language preference of waiting list participants. The first session in French is scheduled for 4-5 April. 

In summary all Drupal courses in catalogue:

  • Drupal Site Editing (2 day): All public. Modify/Add content to a site.
  • Drupal in a Day (1 day): Experience with html required. Drupal introduction (content management)
  • Drupal Site Developers: Experience with web development and Drupal required. Designed for: Drupal site developers.
  • Drupal: Individual Coaching for 1h/2h/4h. To solve problems and work on projects.