Israel at CERN exhibit now in building 500

The Israel at CERN exhibit will continue until Friday 4 October on the first floor of building 500. The exhibit features 11 Israeli firms that specialize in a wide range of technical fields. Seven of the firms already have contracts with CERN, and their products are used in several LHC experiments as well as the IT and engineering departments.

This is the first Israel at CERN exhibit, a sign of Israel’s changing status in the CERN community. Since 1991, Israel has been an observer state of CERN. In October 2011, Israel’s status changed to associate state in the pre-stage to membership – with the expectation of achieving full member status at the end of this year.

Over the past 22 years Israel has contributed 28 million CHF in Israeli products and services to the construction of the LHC, its experiments, and other CERN projects, according to Giora Mikenberg, the head of the Israeli group in ATLAS and the Israeli Industrial Liaisons Officer. He hopes that this exhibit will help educate CERN engineers and scientists about the potential contribution of Israeli industry to the LHC upgrade project as well as present possibilities for future partnerships.