Reminder: procedure for remote access to Library e-resources

Since December 2017, there is a new authentication procedure to access online resources made available by the Library from outside CERN.

As a consequence, from now on, URLs of online resources (= articles, ebooks, databases) made available by the Library must, for remote access, be prefixed by:

As an example, to access this article: /article/pii/S0168900217310045 you need to modify the url as follows: /article/pii/S0168900217310045.

To simplify access, we advise you to install a bookmarklet (working on all browsers: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer - javascript must be enabled). All instructions on how to install this Bookmarklet are available on this page.

Please note that:

  • Inside CERN, the access works as usual.
  • This service works for CERN Computer account only.
  • The access will only work if the CERN Library has a subscription to the resource. Please check the availability on the CERN document server or on the Library resources webpage.
  • No authentification is needed for Open Access resources.
  • The old Proxy system remains active for the time being, but is not maintained anymore.

In case of any problem or to provide feedback, please contact :
More information available on the Library website.