CERN’s careers website gets a makeover

In a competitive employment market, CERN must vie for the attention of the best candidates in engineering, physics, technical and support roles throughout its Member and Associate Member States. It’s a tall order and an attractive, clear, intuitive and informative careers website is an essential ingredient in putting CERN on the radar of potential candidates.

Based on extensive user feedback on its existing site, collected in collaboration with PotentialPark (, and with the support and guidance of the CERN web team, the CERN HR Talent Acquisition group has fully reviewed and revamped the existing website to create an all-new, streamlined and, what’s more, mobile-friendly experience:

Due to go live on 2 May, the new website will be accompanied by another major upgrade: that of CERN’s e-recruitment (also known as “Applicant Tracking”) system, which aims not only to provide a streamlined candidate experience, but also to optimise and improve the efficiency of all recruitment processes at CERN.

James Purvis, head of the HR department, views this change as a positive step forward: “Following the External Review Committee’s recommendations to the CERN Management with respect to streamlining administrative software systems, and a subsequent study carried out by Gartner, which was presented at the Enlarged Directorate in December 2017, CERN’s ability to adopt ‘standard processes’ is going to be a critical success factor in its ability to increase administrative efficiencies”.

As with any new tool, there will necessarily be a transition phase. Given the change in interface and the impact on the various processes, the HR-TA teams have developed comprehensive documentation to assist users and are fully trained and prepared to provide the necessary support to make the switchover as seamless as possible.


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