Find out how to use a defibrillator and save lives

Did you know that, as a bystander, you could play a vital role in the survival of cardiac arrest victims? By following a few simple steps, you could dramatically increase their chances of survival.

Over the past few years, CERN’s Medical Service has provided “defibrillator and chest compression” initiation sessions, designed to give people the skills and confidence needed to deal with victims of cardiac arrest. They are practical, hands-on sessions, during which you will be shown how to recognise cardiac arrest and how to carry out simple steps otherwise known as the “chain of survival”. You will also learn how to carry out chest compressions and how to use a defibrillator. These one-hour sessions are held throughout the year in both English and French and are available to all people working on the CERN site. We can also organise sessions for specific groups of people if needed. Last year alone, 15 sessions were held, with over 150 participants in total.

Were you aware that CERN has 30 defibrillators that are available for use by anyone? Look out for the defibrillator symbol on MapCERN to find out exactly where they are located.

Anyone can use them

Cardiac arrest can be deadly but with the appropriate bystander help and action, lives can be saved.

Every minute counts

If you wish to be involved in this “chain of survival”, you can register for a Defibrillator and Chest Compressions session via EDH, by clicking here (then click on Safety – Safety and Health – Defibrillator and Chest Compressions).

Be prepared!