October open staff association meetings

15 Oct 2012 – Learn about: the MARS exercise 2012, pension fund, contract policy and more

Latin American School of High-Energy Physics open

15 Oct 2012 – The CERN-Latin American School of High-Energy Physics is now open for applications. The school will take place in Peru in March 2013

Changes in email policy for those without CERN affiliation

11 Oct 2012 – All CERN email addresses of people whose affiliation has been terminated more than six months ago will be deactivated on 15 October 2012

Vaccination against seasonal influenza

11 Oct 2012 – At this time every year the Medical Service suggests that you should get vaccinated against seasonal flu

Accidents can happen to anyone, on foot, cycling or driving

6 Sep 2012 – The HSE Unit would like to express its opinion in the light of the road accident statistics involving personnel at CERN

New entrance to Prévessin site for cyclists and pedestrians

1 Aug 2012 – An entrance to the Prévessin site dedicated to pedestrians and cyclists opens 6 August on a provisional basis

Move and eat better: free zumba taster class

31 Jul 2012 – As part of the "Move and eat better!" campaign a free zumba initiation class is offered at lunchtime 1 August

Keeping machine tools safe

12 Jul 2012 – Specialists in the HSE Unit will inspect 1100 machine tools in the coming weeks. They're here to help keep you and your tool safe

One-day live webcast of the TEDGlobal 2012 conference

29 Jun 2012 – CERN may hold a TEDx event to disseminate "ideas worth spreading"

Prévessin site post office: Opening hours

25 Jun 2012 – The Post Bank and post office in Building 866 on the Prévessin site is open from Mondays to Thursdays from 9.30am to 12.30pm

Safety Training: Places available in June

25 Jun 2012 – For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue

Sustainability debate at the Globe

22 Jun 2012 – Eco-neighbourhoods, solar panels, recycled heat: just some of the innovative ecological projects presented at panel discussion in the Globe.

CERN's first choreographer to give public lecture

23 May 2012 – Gilles Jobin and his inspiration partner João Pequenão will give a public lecture this evening in the Globe of Science and Innovation

Restaurants open for Ascension, Whitsun weekends

6 May 2012 – The opening times of all three restaurants will change for the coming holiday weekends

Registration now open for CERN School of Computing 2012

12 Mar 2012 – This year's computing school in Uppsala, Sweden, will cover data technologies, base technologies and physics computing among other subjects

E-groups training

12 Mar 2012 – Even if you have worked with e-groups, this may be a good opportunity to learn about best practices and security-related recommendations when

Exploring Flatland with cold atoms

7 Mar 2012 – Jean Dalibard of Laboratoire Kastler Brosel discusses the work of English writer Edwin Abbott in the library on 12 March

Diversity in Action: Interactive Workshop

5 Mar 2012 – Take part in an interactive workshop about diversity at CERN on 8 March

Changes in the CERN Firewall Openings

5 Mar 2012 – From 13 March, the configuration of CERN’s outer perimeter firewall will change. Existing firewall openings for incoming traffic will not be affected

ACCU meeting

4 Mar 2012 – The 95th ACCU meeting will take place at CERN on 7 March. Click through for details


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