Maintenance of car parks 18 July

15 Jul 2013 – Certain areas of the car park near the CERN kindergarten and the parking Les Cèdres will be cleaned on Thursday 18 July - please remove all vehicles

New access conditions for Entrance C on the Meyrin site

9 Jul 2013 – Entrance C has been altered to include a turnstile to allow cyclists and pedestrians to use their access card to get in

Deadline for claiming 2011/12 education fees approaching

5 Jul 2013 – Claims for educations fees for the academic year 2011/12 must be submitted by the end of August this year

Group life insurance

3 Jul 2013 – The maximum age for an active member has been extended from 65 to 67 years

Summer season cafeteria closes

25 Jun 2013 – Please note the following cafeteria closures over the summer season

English Oral Expression Summer course 2013

18 Jun 2013 – We are again planning to hold more intensive Oral Expression in English courses during the summer

Successful end to Bike Safety campaign

17 Jun 2013 – Some 200 people were fitted with a safety helmet and a reflective vest as part of the 2013 Bike safety campaign led by the HSE Unit

Electrical insulation defect on safety helmets

6 Jun 2013 – Some “Euro Protection” safety helmets do not respect any requirement in terms of electrical insulation

On your bike! Registration for Bike To Work ends 31 May

24 May 2013 – The deadline for registering a team for this year's Bike To Work event is fast approaching

Concert: Baritone and piano

21 May 2013 – With classical songs (R. Schumann, M. Ravel) and airs from opera (W.A. Mozart, G. Verdi, P. I. Tchaïkovski, A. Borodine)

Safety training: Places available in May 2013

7 May 2013 – There are places available in the forthcoming safety courses. For updates and registrations, please refer to the Safety Training Catalogue

Staff association information meetings in May

6 May 2013 – A number of general staff association meetings will be held in May

7 May: IgNobel show at University of Geneva

6 May 2013 – Marc Abrahams, editor of the Annals of Improbable Research will be presenting the IgNobel show at the University of Geneva tomorrow

Restaurant opening hours over official CERN holidays

6 May 2013 – Please note that the CERN restaurants will have the following opening hours during the upcoming holidays

Safety Alert: Defect on ABSORBICA lanyards

3 May 2013 – inspection of ABSORBICA lanyards L57, L70150 I, L70150 Y, L70150 IM, L70150 YM required

Users' website to be archived 7 May

25 Apr 2013 – The default homepage we see within CERN will be archived on 7 May - visitors to coming from CERN IP ranges will be sent to the new website

Set your calendar to show CERN official holidays

24 Apr 2013 – Add yourself to the 'holidays-to-calendar' e-group and automatically see CERN official holidays in your CERN calendar

One week left to register for CERN School of Computing 2013

23 Apr 2013 – The school will take place in Nicosia 19-30 August. Registration closes on May 1st. Apply now!

CERN Jobs launches new website

18 Apr 2013 – The CERN recruitment team has launched a new website

Survey on a new Health Insurance project for Users,COAS,VISC

17 Apr 2013 – ACCU and Users' Office survey addressed to all Users and other Associated Members of the Personnel

Safety alert: Newton harnesses need inspection of stitching

12 Apr 2013 – A defect has been detected on NEWTON harnesses produced by PETZL, so the HSE requires that all of these items be properly inspected

Oracle support provides a range of new tutorials

12 Apr 2013 – The IT DB is pleased to announce a new series of Oracle tutorials

Have you seen an A3 white artist's portfolio?

10 Apr 2013 – Please get in touch if you know the whereabouts of a lost A3 artist's portfolio containing original artwork

Try a slice of Raspberry Pi at Fêtons LINUX

28 Mar 2013 – A team from CERN will be showcasing the diminutive Raspberry Pi computer at the Fêtons LINUX event in Geneva on 27 April

Entrances to the Prévessin site for cyclists and pedestrians

27 Mar 2013 – Two entrances to the Prévessin site for the exclusive use of pedestrians and cyclists

Composer A. Noordegraaf and writer A. Hornsby in the Library

18 Mar 2013 – Discover how one of Europe’s most exciting young composers, Arnoud Noordegraaf, works with writer Adrian Hornsby to create contemporary operas

Registration now open for CERN School of Computing 2013

14 Mar 2013 – The school will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus from 19 to 30 August. Registration closes on 1 May 2013

19 March: Give blood

14 Mar 2013 – Give blood between 9am and 5pm 19 March at restaurant 2

Conference on Charged Lepton Flavor Violation

13 Mar 2013 – The 1st International Conference on Charged Lepton Flavor Violation (CLFV) will be held in Lecce, Italy from 6-8 May 2013

FameLab 2013 Geneva - Registration closing soon

11 Mar 2013 – Don't miss the opportunity to sign up for FameLab, which will be held on 16 March 2013 in the Globe of Science and Innovation at CERN


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