Celebrate Marie Skłodowska Curie’s 150th birthday

24 Oct 2017 – On 7 November 2017, CERN, the University of Liverpool and LMU Munich will be hosting an event on the life and research of Marie Skłodowska-Curie

9 November: SHiP Open Colloquium

24 Oct 2017 – On Thursday 9 November afternoon, SHiP is organising an Open Colloquium on the Physics Landscape in 10 years

CERN-wide inventory by the SMB department

23 Oct 2017 – Starting in November, a technician will be entering offices on the CERN site to gather information and take photos

Dark Matter Day at CERN – Don’t be left in the dark!

23 Oct 2017 – On Tuesday 31 October, the world will celebrate the historic hunt for the unseen

Finland’s 100 years of independence celebration at CERN!

23 Oct 2017 – 1-3 November at CERN: Finland celebrates 100 years as an independent state

No more abandoned luggage

23 Oct 2017 – Never leave your luggage unattended and make sure it’s labelled!

The Palexpo 10 km

23 Oct 2017 – Take part in the seventh edition of the relay race held during the Automnales on Saturday, 11 November

Don't miss the Geneva Peace Week!

20 Oct 2017 – The fourth Geneva Peace Week, taking place from 6 to 10 November 2017, will focus on the theme “Prevention and effective pathways for implementation”

Flu vaccine: protect yourself and others

20 Oct 2017 – The flu vaccine has proved its worth by halving the number of flu-related hospitalisations, and it lessens the severity of the symptoms

Knowledge Transfer seminar: Intellectual Property

18 Oct 2017 – Intellectual Property and Innovation by Dr. Francis Gurry

Knowledge transfer seminar: Entrepreneurship

17 Oct 2017 – Digital acceleration: from CERN, to my start-up and beyond. A talk by David Manset in the Countil Chamber on 3 November at 11am

7 November: CERN openlab Internet of Things Workshop

16 Oct 2017 – In this workshop, speakers from academia and industry will present the current state of the key technologies used to build Smart environments

Apply now for the 2018 ESIPAP school

16 Oct 2017 – Registration for the 2018 session of the European School of Instrumentation in Particle and Astroparticle Physics (ESIPAP) is now open

Bank card payment in Restaurants 1 and 2

11 Oct 2017 – Since 10 October 2017, it is possible to pay with a bank card at the counters in Restaurants 1 and 2

Innovate and inspire: join the LHCreate hackathon

10 Oct 2017 – “Why do we do what we do at CERN?” – tackle this question at the upcoming LHCreate hackathon, 16 to 17 November

"Complexe sportif de Maisonnex": reductions for CERN members

10 Oct 2017 – An agreement was established between CERN and the "Complexe sportif de Maisonnex" so that holders of the Blue (C) CERN card can enjoy a 15% reduction

Badge-wearing to become compulsory for all at CERN

10 Oct 2017 – Everyone at CERN, including visitors, will soon have to wear a badge visibly at all times

The Other Side of Innovation | 25 October | IdeaSquare

10 Oct 2017 – The Other Side of Innovation is a day to discover what IdeaSquare has to offer and how you can get involved through talks, projects, workshops...

Call for abstracts for the 4th Developers@CERN Forum

6 Oct 2017 – The 4th Developers@CERN Forum will be held on 23 and 24 October in IdeaSquare - Submit your abstract now!

Apply now for the 2018 JUAS school

5 Oct 2017 – Registration for the 2018 session of the Joint Universities Accelerator School (JUAS) is now open

8 October: Final presentations - Humanitarian Hackathon 2017

26 Sep 2017 – After 60 hours of hacking at IdeaSquare, the resulting prototypes will be presented at the Globe, from 6.00 p.m. to 7.30 p.m on Sunday, 8 October

13th Industrial Exhibition "Germany at CERN"

26 Sep 2017 – The 10 and 11 October, the Federal Ministry of Education and Research together with CERN are holding the 13th Industrial Exhibition “Germany at CERN"

Women in Technology Drinks - Tuesday, 3 October 18:00 - R1

26 Sep 2017 – Join us for a drink in R1 to get to know each other a little better. Register here:

Science and Media: When facts are not enough…

26 Sep 2017 – A European Broadcasting Union (EBU) Seminar at CERN will address the relationship between science and the media. The event will be broadcasted.

New procedure for sending items by registered/express mail

23 Sep 2017 – New procedures for sending items by registered and express mail are being introduced from Monday 25 September

Help promote CERN and its science at the Automnales fair!

23 Sep 2017 – Your chance to be part of CERN's Automnales team, explaining and presenting our science at the fair in November

World Teachers’ Day@CERN: Empowering Science Teachers

22 Sep 2017 – CERN will celebrate the World Teachers’ Day 2017 with a special event on 5 October

CERN at the UN Geneva Open Day

22 Sep 2017 – On 7 October, the Palais des Nations will open its doors to the world for the UN Geneva Office’s 2017 Open Day

Central heating being turned on

15 Sep 2017 – As of Monday 18 September 2017, the central heating will be progressively turned on throughout CERN

Time to register for ‘Expanding your horizons’

13 Sep 2017 – Lots of inspiring experiences, workshops and a career’s forum for girls aged 11-14


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