Bill Burgess (1942 - 2017)

It is with much regret that we announce the death of Bill Burgess on 10 October 2017 at his home in Arizona. He was 75. Bill had been finding life increasingly difficult these last years, but ever upbeat he was always looking for the silver lining, and ready with a joke to tell.

Hailing from Scotland, it was as a technical assistant at CERN that Bill developed his interest in cryogenic engineering. His practical and intuitive knowledge was admired and valued by all. He contributed to the successful installation and operation of the ISR superconducting low-beta insertion magnets, and later with preparation for the LEP insertions. 

In 1988, Bill was recruited by SLAC, to work on the SLD detector. His first challenge was to design a liquid helium system for a particle detector. His second challenge was his move into an engineering leadership role… After success with SLD, he worked on several projects involving cryogenic systems. Crucially, he took all the necessary steps to ensure his section would provide good service, and would continue to do so after he retired.

His enthusiasm was only outdone by his likeability. Bill made lifelong friends wherever he went, and he will surely be remembered by all those who knew him. 

His friends and colleagues at CERN and SLAC.

Bill Burgess in 1978, making final preparations prior to testing an ISR low-beta quadrupole. (From CERN archive)

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