José Manuel Gomes de Faria (1966-2018)



José Manuel Gomes De Faria – “Manu” to his colleagues and friends – passed away after having devoted his professional life to CERN, where he relentlessly deployed his expertise and ingenuity, showing a huge passion for challenges. 

José Manuel started his career at CERN in 1988 as a lifting equipment mechanic. In 1997, he joined the team responsible for the maintenance and upgrade of the magnets in the PS complex. In that team, as a master mechanic, he became involved with work to overcome the technical challenges posed by the magnets and took on team leader responsibilities. In 2001, he was awarded a staff contract in the Normal Conducting Magnets group, where he worked on improving maintenance techniques.

One achievement in particular illustrates Manu’s contribution: the construction between 2008 and 2010 of a prototype superferric magnet, a candidate to replace the magnets in the PS. This prototype performed remarkably well thanks to the technical solutions developed by José Manuel during the design and construction processes.

In the last few years, José Manuel devoted himself to the design and construction of a number of exhibition models, which were real technological gems. These “mock-ups” – cross-sections of the superconducting magnets and interconnections in the LHC, as well as a model of the space shuttle with a magnetic screen – are seen and admired by the tens of thousands of visitors to the Microcosm each year.

José Manuel’s colleagues and friends are deeply saddened by his passing and will remember him as a passionate and determined colleague. The legacy of his intelligence and skill will live on in the creative and educational achievements he leaves behind. We will remember a devoted family man and a passionate skier, but also someone who was fully committed to the success of CERN’s activities.

His colleagues and friends


We deeply regret to announce the death of José Manuel Gomes de Faria on 24 June 2018.

José Manuel Gomes de Faria, who was born on 1 May 1966, worked in the TE department and had been at CERN since 18 April 1988.

The Director-General has sent a message of condolence to his family on behalf of the CERN personnel.


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