Announcement for "frontaliers" regarding the choice of health insurance system

In view of the Agreement concluded on 7 July 2016 between Switzerland and France regarding the choice of health insurance system* for persons resident in France and working in Switzerland ("frontaliers"), the Swiss authorities have indicated that those persons who have not “formally exercised their right to choose a health insurance system before 30 September 2017 risk automatically becoming members of the Swiss LAMal system” and having to “pay penalties to their insurers that may amount to several years’ worth of contributions”. Among others, this applies to spouses of members of the CERN personnel who live in France and work in Switzerland.

As a result, the Swiss authorities recommend that all frontaliers who are members of the French health insurance system check whether they have already formally declared this choice or not. If they have, nothing else needs to be done. Otherwise, they must complete the relevant form and submit it to the French and Swiss authorities by 30 September 2017 (the detailed procedure is set out on page 3 of the form).

It is advisable to begin the process as soon as possible as it may take several weeks.

Given the large number of people expected to contact it on this subject, the Service de l’assurance maladie (SAM) of the Canton of Geneva has introduced a special service to help those with any questions about exercising their right to choose a health insurance system. It is possible for the persons concerned to request information about their current status by completing the online enquiry form here.

A special hotline has also been opened (+41.22.546.19.42) and an information website is available here.

Frontaliers who work in Swiss cantons other than Geneva are invited to contact the relevant service in the canton in which they work.

* i.e. the choice between the Swiss health insurance system (LAMal) and the French system.

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