Announcement for "frontaliers" regarding the choice of health insurance system

Further to the Official Communication of 16 May 2017, members of the personnel are reminded that their spouses and partners who are “frontaliers” should formally choose between the Swiss and the French health insurance systems before 30 September 2017. Those who will not express their choice run the risk, according to the Geneva authorities, of having to “pay penalties to their insurers that may amount to several years’ worth of contributions”.

The procedure to be followed to formally express this choice appears on page 3 of the relevant form. Specific information for spouses and partners of members of the CERN personnel appear in a note by the Swiss authorities.

Hence, for instance, spouses and partners who are “frontaliers” and wish to be solely covered by the Organization’s scheme (the CHIS) should:

  1. select the first option in Section 5 of the formAffiliation auprès de l’assurance-maladie suisse (LAMal)”,
  2. make reference to the second bullet of the above note, and
  3. provide an attestation of coverage issued by UNIQA on behalf of the CHIS.

Since the deadline of 30 Septembre 2017 is now very close, it is recommended that the completed form be brought in person to the relevant French CPAM (e.g. in Bourg-en-Bresse) for approval, before being sent on to the Swiss authorities via registered mail.

HR Department