CERN Health Insurance Scheme (CHIS) - Contributions as of 1 January 2018

As the CHIS contribution rates are unchanged for 2018, the CHIS contributions for 2018 will only evolve if there is a change in the relevant Reference Salary (see Chapter XII of the CHIS Rules). For instance, as of 1 January 2018, the lump-sum monthly contributions based on Reference Salary II will be as follows:

1. Lump-sum contributions for voluntary members
The monthly contribution for voluntary members (e.g. users and associates) with the normal health insurance will be 1207 CHF per month, whilst for those with the reduced health insurance it will be 603 CHF.

2. Lump-sum contributions for post-compulsory members other than CERN pensioners
For post-compulsory members other than CERN pensioners, the monthly contribution will be 1289 CHF in the case of former staff members and former spouses continuing their affiliation, whilst in the case of formerly dependent children continuing theirs it will be 516 CHF.

Note: In line with the relevant transitory measures, there are no changes in the lump-sum supplementary contributions owed in respect of the spouse or registered partner of a compulsory or post-compulsory member who does not have a primary health insurance other than the CHIS, but has income deriving from a professional activity (for the amounts, see Official Communication of 13 December 2016 ). Changes will, however, take place on 1 March 2018; they will be announced in detail in February 2018.

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