Opinion pieces tagged "LHC"

Beams are back in the LHC for the final year of Run II

Frédérick Bordry, 13 Apr 2018 Beams were circulating in the LHC by 30 March (five days in advance!), and everything is looking good for a strong final year of LHC Run II.

Preparing for the last year of LHC Run 2

Frédérick Bordry, 13 Feb 2018 This year’s LHC performance workshop took place in Chamonix from 29 January to 1 February.

A great year ahead

Fabiola Gianotti, 18 Jan 2017 Fabiola Gianotti looks back at a remarkable 2016 and looks towards CERN's challenges in 2017

A great start for the whole CERN accelerator chain

Frédérick Bordry, 17 May 2016 With physics data-taking under way this week at the LHC, I’d like to take a look at what’s been happening at the rest of the CERN accelerator chain.

Report from Council

Rolf Heuer, 22 Jun 2015 This week’s Council meeting was dominated by discussions about the long-term, sustainable future of CERN

Important milestones for the LHC and for integrity

Rolf Heuer, 16 Apr 2015 The major news this week is, of course, the start of LHC Run 2

The strength of worldwide collaboration

Peter Jenni, 30 Jul 2014 Physicists from across the globe bring a welcome richness to the LHC experiments, says former ATLAS spokesperson Peter Jenni

Towards the next chapter

Rolf Heuer, 25 Nov 2013 The time has come for CERN to start seriously considering the options for its post-LHC future

LS1: "Safety, quality, schedule"

Rolf Heuer, 28 Jun 2013 Just as Olympic marathon runners have a motto, so the athletes of LS1 work to the mantra of "Safety, Quality, Schedule," says Rolf Heuer