Opinion pieces tagged "birth of the web"

Internet prehistory at CERN

Ben Segal, 9 Apr 2014 Connecting CERN to the internet was a chaotic but essential task, says retired CERN computer scientist Ben Segal

Minimising the muddle

Peggie Rimmer, 12 Mar 2014 Peggie Rimmer was Tim Berners-Lee’s hierarchical "leader" in CERN’s Data and Documents division when he invented the World Wide Web

Good old Bitnet, and the rise of the World Wide Web

Richard Jacobsson, 12 Mar 2014 Senior physicist Richard Jacobsson remembers the early days of the World Wide Web at CERN

On the open internet and the free web

David Foster, 12 Mar 2014 David Foster on our responsibility as individuals to preserve an open internet and a free web for the benefit of humankind

Not at all vague and much more than exciting

Maria Dimou, 12 Mar 2014 CERN computer scientist Maria Dimou on Tim Berners-Lee's vision for a free, open World Wide Web

Why bring back the line-mode browser?

Dan Noyes, 19 Sep 2013 A team of web developers are working to build a simulator of one of the earliest web browsers, the line-mode browser

How the internet came to CERN

François Flückiger, 27 Jun 2013 François Flückiger on his being inducted to the Internet Hall of Fame, and the story of how the internet came to CERN

Twenty years of a free and open www

Robert Cailliau, 30 Apr 2013 Robert Cailliau on the birth of the web, early brainstorming sessions and "how to spread this thing"

The open internet and the web

Vinton G Cerf, 30 Apr 2013 Vinton G Cerf, one of the "Fathers of the internet", on the architecture, connectivity and openness of the web