How are we behaving?

Rolf Heuer, 14 May 2012 By keeping the Code of Conduct fresh in our minds, we can all contribute to ensuring that CERN remains a great place to be


Rolf Heuer, 30 Apr 2012 Safety is a priority for CERN. That is a message I conveyed in my New Year’s address

A growing family

Rolf Heuer, 19 Mar 2012 Serbia joins Israel as an associate member in the pre-stage to CERN membership, and council sends fact-finding missions to other applicant countries

Opportunity and obligation

Rolf Heuer, 12 Mar 2012 The explosion of interest around the world in our science brings an opportunity to drive science up the popular and political agendas

Active sharing

Rolf Heuer, 20 Feb 2012 Actively transferring know-how from the world of basic science to the world of applied research needs to be made more systemic

Luminosity? Why don’t we just say collision rate?

James Gillies, 2 Mar 2011 Luminosity gives a measure of how many collisions are happening in a particle accelerator, so why don’t we just say collision rate?

On the threshold of new territory

Rolf Heuer, 9 Mar 2010 The LHC is already over a week into its 2010 run, and the start of physics at 7 TeV is just around the corner


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