Inspiring a generation

Rolf Heuer, 10 Sep 2012 It was particularly pleasing to see science, the LHC and Higgs bosons featuring so strongly in the opening ceremony of the Paralympics last week

Strength in diversity

Rolf Heuer, 24 Aug 2012 The laboratory is launching a new diversity programme aimed at strengthening our tradition of inclusiveness. I encourage all at CERN to take part

Celebrating a very scientific Endeavour

Rolf Heuer, 6 Aug 2012 Last week, we had the pleasure of welcoming the crew of the space shuttle Endeavour, who delivered the AMS detector to the ISS in 2011

Something far, far bigger than ourselves

Rolf Heuer, 23 Jul 2012 Now the dust has settled, we can take stock of the momentous events of 4 July

Celebrating the Tevatron legacy

Rolf Heuer, 13 Jun 2012 Over 800 people attended the Tevatron Impact symposium at Fermilab on 11 June to celebrate the legacy of the accelerator

Move and eat better

Rolf Heuer, 28 May 2012 The CERN relay race dates back to 15 October 1971 when 21 pioneering teams set off to pound the pavements of CERN

How are we behaving?

Rolf Heuer, 14 May 2012 By keeping the Code of Conduct fresh in our minds, we can all contribute to ensuring that CERN remains a great place to be


Rolf Heuer, 30 Apr 2012 Safety is a priority for CERN. That is a message I conveyed in my New Year’s address

A growing family

Rolf Heuer, 19 Mar 2012 Serbia joins Israel as an associate member in the pre-stage to CERN membership, and council sends fact-finding missions to other applicant countries

Opportunity and obligation

Rolf Heuer, 12 Mar 2012 The explosion of interest around the world in our science brings an opportunity to drive science up the popular and political agendas


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