Updates: February 2012

Hit the gas: Go green!

24 Feb 2012 — The 100 bi-fuel vehicles on the CERN site are underused - why not hit the gas to decrease your carbon emissions?

Smart glass for the Globe

20 Feb 2012 — The skylight at the top of the Globe of Science and Innovation has recently been fitted with adjustable "smart" glass

Chamonix: LHC performance review kicks off

7 Feb 2012 — The first day of the LHC performance workshop was devoted to a critical review of 2011, with suggestions for improvements to the beams and hardware

Chamonix: Challenges for the High Luminosity LHC

6 Feb 2012 — The final day of the workshop saw examination of the challenges of the High-Luminosity LHC an a look at the state of R&D for the new magnets required

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