Hardronic 2017: a success

Around 500 people attended the Hardronic Festival 2017 (Image: Noemí Caraban Gonzalez/CERN)

The Hardronic Festival 2017 is over and it has been a very successful 26th edition. Eleven of the finest CERN bands offered their best throughout the day to an enthusiast crowd (peaking at around 500 people). The MaNaGe DJs closed the party after midnight, bidding farewell until 2018 with an energetic set.

Thanks to a great collective effort and with really good weather, it has been a wonderful evening* that gave an opportunity to many cernois to enjoy a great time among colleagues, family and friends on-site, while also supporting a charity fund-raise at the food and drinks stands.

The organization would like to thank everybody that took part in the organization of the festival, one way or the other, CERN Management, the Staff Association, plus our sponsors and supporters. You can find a complete thank-you-all statement on the Hardronic website.

*Of course, nothing is perfect, so if you would like to make any complaints or suggestions, please send an e-mail to contact-hardronic@cern.ch and the organization will do its best to make next year's an even better edition.