Updates for CERN people

Wanted: elbow grease

31 Jul 2013 — In Divonne-les-Bains, an association founded by former CERN personnel is restoring the oldest hydroelectric plant in France

Italian Physical Society honours CERN physicists

26 Jul 2013 — The Italian Physical Society awarded five physicists for discoveries at the LHC

IEEE honours Aymar and ten Kate for superconductivity work

17 Jul 2013 — This week the IEEE recognized Robert Aymar and Herman ten Kate for their contributions to the field of applied superconductivity

CERN firefighters train in the hot seat

16 Jul 2013 — Members of the CERN Fire and Rescue Service and the Swiss fire services took part in a training exercise to test new protective clothing

Particle physics at the Montreux Jazz Festival

16 Jul 2013 — This week, CERN will be hosting a seminar entitled The music of physics and the physics of music at the Montreux Jazz Festival

Next step, the Tour de France?

15 Jul 2013 — The penultimate stage of the 2013 Tour de France, the Annecy-Semnoz time-trial, has already been won – by a CERN staff member

Kilts, fiddles, and the Higgs boson

8 Jul 2013 — A packed CERN auditorium today enjoyed Scottish reels and airs played by the 100-strong Ayrshire Fiddle Orchestra

Volunteers needed for CERN Open Days

5 Jul 2013 — Sign up now to volunteer for the CERN Open Days in September

Heuer tells ECOSOC: "'Co-opetition' is the key"

3 Jul 2013 — In his keynote address at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations, Rolf Heuer pushed investment in science and "co-opetition"

Local students discover CERN's Passport to the Big Bang

2 Jul 2013 — On 25 June, pupils from the collège de Ferney-Voltaire completed the Passport to the Big Bang circuit

Building an app for CERN people

28 Jun 2013 — The communications group is building an app for the CERN community, and they need your help

Universe of sound: meet CERN’s new Collide @ CERN resident

25 Jun 2013 — Lecture at 7pm 4 July in the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation to mark the start of Bill Fontana’s Collide @ CERN residency

Council renews support for CERN

21 Jun 2013 — Good news for CERN as Council approves the budget for 2014 and the Medium Term Plan

Energy for sustainable science

21 Jun 2013 — CERN, ERF and ESS launch the second workshop on energy management in research infrastructures

Beams and Knowledge transfer team up for Innovation Day

20 Jun 2013 — The Beams department and the Knowledge transfer group met for a day to identify promising technologies to transfer to industry and academia

Sign up now to volunteer for the CERN Open Days

20 Jun 2013 — At the end of September we expect a huge number of visitors for the Open Days. Volunteers are the key to the event

New experiment to gain unparalleled insight into antimatter

18 Jun 2013 — The BASE experiment aims to take ultra-high precision measurements of the antiproton magnetic moment

Google Street View begins imaging CERN

17 Jun 2013 — On Saturday 15 June, a team from Google began the process of taking street images across all of CERN’s sites. They will return to finish the job

New results from the OPERA experiment

11 Jun 2013 — In a webcast today at 11am Giovanni De Lellis of INFN will present the latest oscillation results from the OPERA experiment

ACCU: A committee that addresses users' needs

4 Jun 2013 — This year, the Advisory Committee of CERN Users (ACCU) celebrates its 25th anniversary

Discovering CERN by bicycle

4 Jun 2013 — The residents of CERN’s local area took to their bikes on Sunday 2 June for the inauguration of the Passport to the Big Bang trail

Disability, diversity and equality

29 May 2013 — British sociologist Tom Shakespeare spoke yesterday at CERN about disability and particle physics

CERN honoured by Prince of Asturias award

29 May 2013 — CERN has today received the 2013 Prince of Asturias Award for Technical and Scientific Research shared with theorists Peter Higgs and François Englert

TEDxCERN videos now online

27 May 2013 — Missed the TEDxCERN event? You can catch up on all the talks now on the TEDxCERN website

CERN Relay Race results

23 May 2013 — How did you do? Check your team's results for the Relay Race

CERN Relay Race today

23 May 2013 — This year's relay race around the Meyrin site will start at 12.15pm today

Stay fit and have fun: Bike to work!

22 May 2013 — This June, CERN will take part in the Swiss "Bike to Work" campaign once again

Keeping the LHC in power

21 May 2013 — This week, work began to upgrade and replace more than 100 Uninterruptible Power Supplies in the LHC

CERN opens its doors to general public end of September

16 May 2013 — CERN will open its doors to the general public on Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 2013

Call for volunteers for the Passeport Big Bang inauguration

13 May 2013 — Please sign up before 15 May to help with this project


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