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Remembering Wim Klein

5 Dec 2012 — Wim Klein, CERN's first computer, was born 100 years ago this week. A former colleague remembers him

Google Science Fair winner visits CERN

28 Nov 2012 — Grand Prize winner Brittany Wenger visited the Antiproton Decelerator and the Computing Centre among other areas

Setting up ALPHA-2 to measure the properties of antimatter

22 Nov 2012 — The ALPHA-2 team is installing the final components for their new antimatter experiment, which will replace the current ALPHA set-up

Vidyo - a collaborative tool for planet CERN

19 Nov 2012 — CERN is moving to a new videoconferencing system called Vidyo

Clinical trials using carbon ions begin at CNAO

16 Nov 2012 — This week, for the first time at the CNAO hadrontherapy centre in Italy, a beam of carbon ions was used to treat a cancer patient

CERN firefighter wins world boxing title

5 Nov 2012 — Craig Stevenson won gold in the under 75kg category at the 12th World Firefighter's Games in Syndey, Australia, last week

ATLAS Virtual Visits wins Digital Communication Award

18 Sep 2012 — The project was awarded "Best Online Event" at an awards ceremony in Berlin, Germany, last week

European particle physics refreshes long-term strategy

12 Sep 2012 — Some 500 particle physicists meeting in Krakow, Poland, this week debated the long-term future of their field at the CERN Council Open Symposium

A well rounded organization

11 Sep 2012 — Today's HR report shows a beautiful round number of CERN personnel

News from the Library: CERN Scientific Book Fair 2012

10 Sep 2012 — A two-day event in building 500 offers the opportunity to meet key publishers and to browse and buy books at significant discounts

Windows XP ends at CERN – register for Windows 7 training

10 Sep 2012 — Windows XP has been around for over 10 years and it is now time to move on

Testing begins on Linear accelerator 4

29 Aug 2012 — Linac 4 has begun testing its RFQ module. This is the first stage of testing for the Linac 2 successor

Magnets for the High Luminosity LHC: Small but powerful

27 Aug 2012 — A CERN-Fermilab team has developed a new magnet that will be a valuable asset to the HL-LHC, the next step of for LHC machine

Warmer amps for the LHC

27 Aug 2012 — CERN is working together with an Italian company to develop superconducting cables that can function at temperatures of up to 25 K (-248°C)

Bringing physics training to Africa

21 Aug 2012 — The African School of Physics was held in Ghana this summer, where lecturers from CERN shared their expertise with 50 motivated students

CERN experiments to present latest on quark-gluon plasma

13 Aug 2012 — Heavy-ion experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will present their latest results at the Quark Matter 2012 conference

Over one million followers reached in CERN TweetUp

3 Aug 2012 — Five tweeps visited CERN to take part in events held with STS-134 astronauts to commemorate the AMS detector's first year in space

LHC update: 3 August 2012

3 Aug 2012 — Good performance followed recovery from extended luminosity calibration runs

Timepix detectors track cosmic radiation on the ISS

2 Aug 2012 — On 31 July, an unmanned Russian Progress spacecraft was launched from Kazakhstan, carrying five Timepix detectors to the ISS

Endeavour astronauts mark 100 years of cosmic-ray research

24 Jul 2012 — The space-shuttle crew laid a European Physical Society plaque at high-altitude research centre Les Cosmiques near Mont Blanc

Endeavour astronauts to visit CERN

23 Jul 2012 — The space shuttle carried the Alpha Magentic Spectrometer to the ISS last year – on Wednesday its crew will visit the AMS control centre

Google Science Fair winner Shree Bose visits CERN

19 Jul 2012 — As part of her prize package, last year's winner Shree Bose won a trip to CERN, which coincided with announcement of a new, Higgs-like particle

Could LEIR serve biomedicine?

18 Jul 2012 — At a recent brainstorming meeting at CERN, over 200 scientists discussed the possibility of modifying LEIR to serve the biomedical community

CERN’s neutrons fly higher

26 Jun 2012 — A new experimental facility and neutron beamline will provide nTOF with its highest neutron flux yet – good news for experiments downbeam

New straw trackers for NA62

11 Jun 2012 — The NA62 straw tracker is using pioneering CERN technology to measure charged particles from rare kaon decays

ESA astronaut Christer Fuglesang visits CERN

25 May 2012 — The former CERN scientist presented the International Space Station's research programme - and brought a neutralino home

Helix Nebula: Sun and clouds on the CERN computing horizon

2 Apr 2012 — The IT department is participating in Helix Nebula project, a public-private partnership to create a European cloud-computing platform

CERN HR receives award for online recruitment

29 Mar 2012 — Internet-research institute Potentialpark has recognized CERN's HR department for the quality of its online communication

Hit the gas: Go green!

24 Feb 2012 — The 100 bi-fuel vehicles on the CERN site are underused - why not hit the gas to decrease your carbon emissions?

Smart glass for the Globe

20 Feb 2012 — The skylight at the top of the Globe of Science and Innovation has recently been fitted with adjustable "smart" glass


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