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Tackling humanitarian challenges at CERN

23 Oct 2017 — The fourth edition of THE Port Humanitarian Hackathon took place at CERN’s IdeaSquare

Computer Security: Enter the next level: Doxware

23 Oct 2017 — Now attackers have started increasing the pressure, and now comes the next level: “Doxware”

Collaboration agreement between CERN and NTNU

20 Oct 2017 — CERN and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) will work together in all domains of science, technology and engineering

CERN to apply for SESAME Observer status

20 Oct 2017 — The proposal for CERN to become a SESAME Observer will be presented at the SESAME Council session in December

Fire drill at two CERN buildings

19 Oct 2017 — A mock-up fire emergency was organised at two of CERN’s biggest office buildings

New life for an old technology: canted cosine theta magnets

10 Oct 2017 — CERN is developing a corrector magnet for the High-Luminosity project that has a peculiar design (to say nothing of its name…)

LHC Report: 100 inverse femtobarns and counting…

10 Oct 2017 — Since it began operation in 2010, the LHC has delivered over 100 fb-1 (inverse femtobarns) of integrated luminosity to each of ATLAS and CMS

CERN meets the public

10 Oct 2017 — Many visitors (re)discovered CERN at Researchers' Night and the United Nations Office in Geneva Open Day

How can superconductors contribute for a greener future?

10 Oct 2017 — An international group of students found new applications of superconductors during the Superconductor Hackathon at CERN

Servers to SESAME

9 Oct 2017 — Donation of servers to SESAME marks the thirteenth donation of CERN computing equipment

Key milestones reached for the new campus-wide Wi-Fi service

9 Oct 2017 — State-of-the-art Wi-Fi coverage is now available in key buildings including – finally – a simple “visitor” Wi-Fi service

Computer Security: Virtual Misconduct – Real Consequences

9 Oct 2017 — “Academic” and “freedom” do not imply “devoid of rules”

CERN and the HUG team up for a rescue exercise

28 Sep 2017 — CERN and the HUG combined their efforts in an accident simulation

Crab cavities get into their shells

26 Sep 2017 — The two crab cavities have been put in their helium vessels and are currently being installed in their cryostat

LHC Report: colliding at an angle

26 Sep 2017 — Why the LHC beams must cross at an angle, and how the angles can be optimised for the best performance

25 years of the Internet Society

26 Sep 2017 — As part of the programme of the Internet Society annual member meeting, a live panel was hosted by CERN at the Globe of Science and Innovation

CERN School of Computing 2017: a successful 40th edition

25 Sep 2017 — Since 1970, the CERN School of Computing has trained more than 2600 participants from 80 countries in scientific computing

The SCINT conference celebrates its 25th anniversary

25 Sep 2017 — The SCINT 2017 conference on scintillation and its applications took place between 18 and 22 September

Computer Security: Brain Power vs. Password Managers 

22 Sep 2017 — Your passwords deserve the same care and attention as your car and house keys, your credit cards or your Smartphone

The Glassbox reopens

22 Sep 2017 — The restaurant area for official lunches and dinners has been renovated to create an elegant and high-tech setting

Superconductors take centre stage

12 Sep 2017 — Superconductors are the primary focus of next week’s major EUCAS 2017 conference, which will also include events aimed at the general public

LHC Report: operation with holes

12 Sep 2017 — Frozen particles of gas falling from the LHC’s vacuum chambers into the beam could possibly be the explanation for the recent beam losses

Computer Security: trips and travel: some recommendations

11 Sep 2017 — Autumn conference season is fast approaching. Have you ever thought about how best to secure your laptop and smartphone while travelling?

How can machine learning improve vaccine production?

6 Sep 2017 — Experts from CERN have shared their expertise on machine learning with Sanofi Pasteur, the vaccines business unit of Sanofi

GBAR’s antiproton decelerator installed

30 Aug 2017 — With the connection between ELENA and GBAR already in place, the commissioning of the decelerator with antiprotons is about to begin

LHC report: Something in the nothing

29 Aug 2017 — Recent CERN Control Centre (CCC) meetings have been dominated by "16L2"

HL-LHC short-model magnets tests are going full speed ahead

29 Aug 2017 — During the summer, the third of a series of short, 1.5-metre-long magnet models for the HL-LHC project was successfully tested

Diversifying the Conversation

29 Aug 2017 — Learn more, think more and talk more about gender diversity in tech at our upcoming film screening and light lunch

Computer Security: Hardball for attackers

29 Aug 2017 — Successful cyberattacks always start with the compromise of a PC

LHCb gets ready for a SciFi upgrade

24 Aug 2017 — The first 20 modules of a new scintillating fibre tracker have been delivered as early elements of the LHCb detector upgrade


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