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Opinion: This article “MERITs” your attention

18 Jul 2017 — The first MERIT exercise has been underway since December 2016 and, as we near its final stages, now is a good time to look at initial results

Giovanni Passaleva takes the helm of the LHCb collaboration

18 Jul 2017 — The new LHCb spokesperson shares his vision for his three-year long mandate

The day I met Marie Curie’s granddaughter

18 Jul 2017 — Hélène Langevin-Joliot, physicist and granddaughter of Pierre and Marie Curie, visited CERN at the end of June

Computer Security: STOP Spam!

18 Jul 2017 — Some ideas to identify sophisticated spam

The European Research Council celebrates ten years

17 Jul 2017 — An event took place at the Globe as part of the celebrations marking the tenth anniversary of the European Research Council

Bike2Work 2017: CERN smashes its previous records

14 Jul 2017 — This year, the 214 CERN teams participating in Bike2Work cycled a total of 140 395 km!

Counting sheep!

14 Jul 2017 — After munching their way around the Globe, the CERN sheep are now dining out next to the ATLAS experiment

CERN welcomes EUCYS 2016 prize-winner

10 Jul 2017 — As part of the 2016 European Union Contest for Young Scientists, Vladislav Gadalov was awarded a visit to CERN for his work in the field of computing

Where were you? Your Higgs stories revealed

4 Jul 2017 — On the 5th anniversary of the Higgs discovery announcement, we asked you where you were when you heard this result

LHC report: full house for the LHC

4 Jul 2017 — On 28 June for the first time in history, the LHC collided beams with 2556 bunches per ring

Computer Security: summer students, hold on a minute

3 Jul 2017 — 2017’s summer students, welcome to CERN! Here is a small plea from the CERN Computer Security team to you and your supervisor

KiCad reaches new heights

3 Jul 2017 — The KiCad software is more efficient than ever thanks to CERN’s contribution

FCC week 2017: Diversity fuels progress

3 Jul 2017 — A look back over the topics covered at FCC week 2017, held in Berlin

LHCb Early-Career Scientist Awards

3 Jul 2017 — For the second year, the LHCb collaboration awarded prizes to early-career scientists to recognize their outstanding contributions to the experiment

Completion of civil-engineering work for Building 311

2 Jul 2017 — On Friday, 30 June, the civil-engineering work for Building 311 was completed, with the final delivery of the building expected by the end of 2017

CERN Accelerator School: vacuum for particle accelerators

2 Jul 2017 — The training course took place on 6-16 June 2017 in Sweden

New arrivals

30 Jun 2017 — On Thursday 29 June 2017, recently-recruited staff members and fellows participated in a session in the framework of the Induction Programme

An artist’s view of CERN

29 Jun 2017 — Laura Couto Rosado sees CERN as an ideal place to be inspired by science and to produce new works of art

CERN signs agreement with Italian business education partner

28 Jun 2017 — CERN and leading Italian business school SAFM will collaborate on entrepreneurship and management

How to build radon smart sensors based on CERN technology

26 Jun 2017 — CERN-led project on smart radon sensor was selected for the final round of the MassChallenge 2017 Start-up Accelerator Programme

Musician Howie Day records love song to physics

23 Jun 2017 — After Howie Day heard a parody of his 2004 single “Collide”, he flew to Switzerland to sing it at the LHC

The crown jewel of the HL-LHC magnets

20 Jun 2017 — The new quadrupole magnets designed for the insertion regions for the LHC upgrade exploit cutting-edge technological innovations

LHC Report: clear skies for the 2017 LHC run

20 Jun 2017 — As the last step before the intensity ramping-up, the week 23 was dedicated for the scrubbing of the beam pipes

Tell us your Higgs stories

20 Jun 2017 — On the 5th anniversary of the Higgs discovery announcement, we will publish your best Higgs stories

Baby MIND moved to East Hall

19 Jun 2017 — Great manoeuvres have been undertaken by two neutrino detectors at CERN: ICARUS and Baby MIND

Computer security: transparency for your privacy

19 Jun 2017 — The Computer Security Team publishes its Digital Privacy Statement

CERN’s new communications strategy for 2017-2020

19 Jun 2017 — The Education, Communication and Outreach group (ECO) are excited to share CERN’s new strategy for communications, which covers the next four years

Keep up to date with CERN’s new website

19 Jun 2017 — Read the web team’s blog for the latest news about CERN’s future home website

Marie Curie, women and science, then and now

19 Jun 2017 — Hélène Langevin-Joliot, physicist and granddaughter of Pierre and Marie Curie, will talk about her career in a traditionally male-oriented profession

Swedish teachers go back to school at CERN

19 Jun 2017 — For the 25th consecutive year, Swedish physics teachers have participated in a programme of lectures and visits at CERN


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