Updates for CERN people

THE Port powers the Science Hackathon at IdeaSquare

13 Mar 2017 — Papers were drafted and partnerships forged at the 2017 Science Hackathon—powered by THE Port

Computer Security: Music, Videos and the Risk for CERN

13 Mar 2017 — If you want to listen to music or watch movies at CERN, make sure that you own the proper rights to do so

Devoxx4Kids, a conference for budding geeks

10 Mar 2017 — On 26 February, CERN hosted Devoxxkids, a series of computing, robotics and electronics workshops for kids in the Globe and in the IdeaSqure

Open-heart surgery for CMS

28 Feb 2017 — The CMS detector’s tracking system, which determines the trajectories of charged particles, is being replaced this week at Point 5

A new tool to evaluate complex tech systems’ efficiency

27 Feb 2017 — CERN and a Finnish high-tech company will develop a tool to assess the effectiveness and reliability of a complex system such as the LHC

Colliding ideas over lunch

27 Feb 2017 — Lunchtime has never been more exciting: make new friends and spark new projects

Reaching out: IPPOG’s new status to push physics outreach

26 Feb 2017 — International Particle Physics Outreach Group given new status to encourage members and global outreach effort

Computer Security: Offensive Public Browsing

25 Feb 2017 — If you happen to use one of CERN’s public PCs, please stick to the rules

Using a crystal to extract beam?

15 Feb 2017 — A new slow-extraction technique using a silicon crystal aims to reduce beam losses by a factor of four

EYETS report: painstaking work on the detectors

15 Feb 2017 — On the experiments’ side, the extended year-end technical stop is a precious opportunity to carry out repairs and maintenance works on their detectors

How does CERN encourage women in science?

14 Feb 2017 — International Women in Science Day: CERN sends researchers to local schools and invites organisations to learn what inspires young women into science

Join us for a Voxxed Day

14 Feb 2017 — The local community are hosting a Voxxed Day event at CERN in February

Thursday, 2 March: premiere of Hidden Figures and debate

14 Feb 2017 — Pathé Balexert and CERN are organising a premiere of Hidden Figures followed by a debate on the theme “Women, science and diversity”

Computer Security: protect your click

13 Feb 2017 — Malicious PDFs, links or URLs embedded in websites can take advantage of the inherent vulnerabilities in your operating system

Congratulations to the 2016 apprentices

13 Feb 2017 — Five technical apprentices left CERN in 2016 after obtaining their "certificat fédéral de capacité"

Roberto Saban honoured with the Order of Merit of Italy

9 Feb 2017 — On 19 January, Roberto Saban was named a Commander of the Italian Republic

EYETS report: so far, so good

31 Jan 2017 — The 2016 – 2017 extended year-end technical stop features powering tests, magnet exchange, dump replacement, emptying the LHC of helium, and lifts!

CERN & Society Foundation in Ghana

31 Jan 2017 — CERN & Society discusses its new Digital Library workshop in Ghana following a computer server donation in 2012

Computer Security: IoTs: The Treasure trove of CERN

26 Jan 2017 — The Internet-of-Things is known to be unsecure, unprotected and full of vulnerabilities

Webcast: CERN DG joins Davos panel

17 Jan 2017 — Watch the live webcast of Fabiola Gianotti’s appearance on the Global Science Outlook panel on 20 January 2017

Staying in touch? Giving back? Reaching out? This is for you

17 Jan 2017 — The CERN experience means so much more than the time spent in the Organization. The new Alumni programme provide a life-long connection with CERN

Big bangs: STOMP at CERN

13 Jan 2017 — Hear what happened when percussion group STOMP visited CERN and created more than a few big bangs

Non-stop activity at the CERN Neutrino Platform

13 Jan 2017 — In the brand-new extension of the North Area (EHN1), two large prototype detectors destined for the study of neutrinos are being built

CERN donates computing equipment to Ecuador

13 Jan 2017 — On 19 December 2016 a ceremony at CERN marked the tenth donation of computing equipment to an academic institution

New internal purchase requests and activity codes

12 Jan 2017 — The internal purchase request (DAI) form and the activity codes have had a makeover to meet CERN’s needs more effectively

Computer Security: about security incidents & issues

10 Jan 2017 — To learn more about computer security incidents and issues at CERN

The accelerator under the Louvre

6 Jan 2017 — Discover how the accelerator technology is used to study art and archaeological artefacts

Twenty-five years of service at CERN

21 Dec 2016 — Eighteen staff members reached 25 years of service at CERN in 2016

ALPHA team celebrate antimatter light spectrum result

20 Dec 2016 — The ALPHA collaboration celebrate this week after twenty years of work resulted in them seeing, for the first time, antimatter's light spectrum

CERN’s Procurement and Industrial Services Group Honoured

16 Dec 2016 — The CERN Procurement and Industrial Services group has been awarded the EIPM - Peter Kraljic Award for Innovation and Process Excellence


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