11 May/19
21:00 (Asia/Shanghai)
Ends: 26 May/19 12:30

5th Summer School on INtelligent signal processing for FrontIEr Research and Industry


Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, China

The focus of the School is on the most advanced technologies in the fields of semiconductors, very deep submicron and 3D technologies, nanotechnology, advanced packaging and interconnects, telecommunications, real-time signal processing, filtering and massively parallel computing and on the Physics motivations that require confronting these technogical challenges for building the needed new instruments.

These Physics motivations are reviewed both in dedicated lectures as well as in all the more technology-based lectures.

The school will provide lectures and Lab work in a variety of cross-disciplinary example applications drawn from the exploration of distant Universe, through Medical imaging of the human body, to exploration of the elementary particle world. Lectures on technical developments and science overviews will be given by experts from Academia and Industry, alongside with hands-on Lab sessions with demonstrators and subject specific master-classes on science & technology.

The school organization will follow the academic and local life habits; the lecture,  the breaks as well as the lunch and dinner schedules will follow those of the local student life. The plenary morning lectures will be held in the Lecture Hall where all the lectures are held at HUST. The attendants will thus experience the HUST student life by being merged in the same lecture Hall than all the other HUST students. 

Apart from the first and last days of the school, the morning sessions from 8 am to 12am will be dedicated to the lectures held in general in the Lecture Hall. The afternoon sessions will be devoted to the Lab sessions from 2 to 5pm. After the dinner that will be held from 5 to 6h30 pm there will be science and/or technology overview keynote lectures from 6h30 to 8pm. All the days (except Sunday May19) will follow this basic schedule (see timetable).

The school will be held from Monday May 13 (morning) to Saturday May 25 (end of the afternoon), with a break on Sunday, May 19, where HUST will organize a series of excursions and visits in the beautiful region and town surrounding the Campus.

The program of the Computing and Practical Labs will be prepared in a booklett format that will be available on line for the attendants one week before the start of the School. A brochure with the complete description of the Lab sessions will be distributed at the registration of the School.

NEW: The list of Lab sessions with the title of the Lab, the names of the organizers and a brief abstract will be made available April 15, 2019. It will be kept updated until the start of the School => stay tuned

Students Posters Exhibition: The school attendants are expected to provide a Poster. The Posters will be exposed during the whole duration of the School in a central place of this Campus. On May 25, the morning session will be dedicated to the presentation of Posters. The posters will be included in the School website at the end of the School and best three posters will be awarded.

The first two morning session as well as some evening keynote Lectures will be opened to a larger and even public audience. More information on this last point will be provided in time.

All the lectures will be recorded and will be posted in the School website.

The Proceedings of INFIERI 2019 will be published in Journal of Instrumentation, JINST. This will be the second time after the Proceedings of INFIERI 2014.


NOTE THAT for MOST of the LECTURES (even if not stressed in the Timetable) there will be dedicated or related Lab session(s).

THE "LABs" are posted (see LABs page) and their presentation will be done on MONDAY May 13 in a plenary session. Registration to the Labs will be then accessible through the dedicated registration slot.

THE REGISTRATION to the SCHOOL is STILL OPENED until MAY 13 included. Fellowships or financial support still available. PLEASE REGISTER, INCLUDE your CV as requested and  MENTION if financial support needed.

Added information here below:

  • Summary of Program of Lectures
  • Highlights about the HUST Campus
  • Table summary of the proposed Labs