31 Jan/23
16:00 - 17:00 (Europe/Zurich)

AlmaLinux: standing on the Edge of Tomorrow, Today


513/1-024 at CERN

The EL ecosystem, long a bastion of scientific computing, underwent a cataclysmic shift. This talk aims to discuss the mission, motivations, achievements, opportunities and challenges of its new form--starting a new distribution (AlmaLinux), building trust and inspiring community as well as working with a distributed, global team.

How are we enabling science today and how will we continue to unlock the mysteries of the universe in the future together?

About the speaker

Jack Aboutboul is a Program Manager for Microsoft's Linux Systems Group and an AlmaLinux Board Member. A long time member of the Fedora community, Jack was the founder of the Fedora Ambassadors and BugZappers. Prior to working on AlmaLinux, Jack was a developer advocate, evangelist and community manager for Twilio and Magento and Fedora Community Architect at Red Hat.