9 Jul/20
16:30 - 18:00 (Africa/Abidjan)

ASP Online Seminars: LHC Analysis — QCD, Standard Model, Forward Physics

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Meeting ID: 951 9356 7359


The first ten years of run of the LHC have seen the triumph of the Standard Model of particle physics, a term used to refer to the combination of the electroweak unified theory and Quatum Chromodynamics. This theory has been tested at the highest energies and with high precision in different sectors. In this lecture, several topics will be discussed, like jet production and substructure, measurements with vector bosons, and photon production. The LHC experiments have also installed specific detectors near the beam line to measure protons that did not undergo a full collision, but just lost some energy in the interaction with another proton. These "forward physics" measurements are interesting to study a different regime of strong interactions.