16 Mar/21
14:30 - 16:00 (GMT)

ASP Online Seminars: Neutron-proton pairing in the N=Z nuclei Mo-84


The nuclei around the N=Z region serve as an excellent laboratory to investigate the significance of the neutron-proton (np) interaction and isospin symmetry. However, it has been an experimental challenge to study these nuclei due to the very low production cross-sections. Recent developments in instrumentation, e.g., in gamma-ray detection, recoil separators, and digital data acquisition systems, together with the development in tagging techniques have made it feasible to study these rare nuclei.

The reaction Ni-58(Si-28,2n) at incident beam energy of 201 MeV has been used to populate the excited states in the N=Z nucleus Mo-84. The Jurogam 3 array was used together with the JYTube veto detector, which allowed a subtraction of the charged-particle evaporation channels in the gamma-gamma coincidences after A=84 mass selection achieved with the MARA vacuum-mode recoil separator. In this presentation, the latest efforts to study the N=Z Mo nucleus at JYFL-ACCLAB will be discussed together with further plans to study the other nuclei around the N=Z region.