18 Jun/20
16:30 - 18:00 (Africa/Abidjan)

ASP Online Seminars: “Radiation Measurements and Dosimetry” (2)

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Meeting ID: 951 9356 7359

This lecture will discuss ionising radiation, its effects on the human body, the means to be adopted for protecting against its detrimental effects and the instrumentation that can be employed to measure it. After a brief historical introduction, we will discuss the various types of radiation, explain the difference between directly and indirectly ionizing radiation, explain what radioactivity is and illustrate the sources of natural radiation exposures. We will then discuss the effects of ionizing radiation on tissues, distinguishing between deterministic and stochastic effects. We will explain radiological quantities and units in use for radiation monitoring: physical, protection and operational quantities. We will discuss the principles of radiation protection, explaining the concepts of justification, optimization and dose limitation, and the ALARA principle. We will discuss the classification of radiological work areas and the workers, the means to reduce external exposures and to avoid contamination. We will explain how to monitor individual exposures and the main types of instruments available for measuring ionizing radiation.