24 May/23
11:30 (Europe/London)
Ends: 26 May/23 16:00

HIE-ISOLDE Physics Workshop 2023


Institute of Physics

The permanent experimental collaborations that occupy each of the three HIE-ISOLDE beam lines, Miniball, ISOLDE Solenoidal Spectrometer (ISS) and Scattering Experiments Chamber (SEC), are coming together to host the first joint HIE-ISOLDE physics workshop in London, from 24th - 26th May 2023. The workshop will be an opportunity for the individual collaborations to meet and discuss recent physics results and future plans, whilst allowing for a broader outlook of physics opportunities at the facility, particularly in light of identifying synergies and starting new collaborative endeavours.

While there are some invited talks about the facility and international colleagues from other facilities, we strongly encourage contributions from early career researchers actively analysing data from HIE-ISOLDE. To enable this, we are waiving the workshop fee for PhD students thanks for funding from the IOP Nuclear Physics Group. If you would like to submit a contribution to the workshop, please click "Call for Abstracts" in the left menu.

The event will start at 10:30 on Wednesday 24th May and finish at 14:30 on Friday 26th May. There will be closed steering committee meetings taking place at the end of the first day and a workshop dinner and reception in the evening of the second day (dinner info attached to the bottom of this page).

Registration for this conference is mandatory on the IoP events page here: